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Direct Deposit and Payroll Deduction
Have your paycheck, or a portion of your paycheck, deposited directly into your account on payday. There's no chance of your check being lost or stolen from your mailbox, you typically receive your funds faster, and you won't have to make an extra trip to the credit union.

  • Payroll Deduction: If available from your employer, Payroll Deduction allows you to have part of your paycheck automatically deposited into any of your GECU accounts. The process is simple. You pick the amount and set it up with your employer. With Payroll Deduction, you can divide your paycheck any way you like, including sending some to your: Share/Savings account, FREE Checking account, Money Market account, or a Club account.
  • Direct Deposit: If available from your employer, Direct Deposit allows you to automatically deposit your net pay check, or the balance of your check after any Payroll Deductions have been made, into any of your GECU accounts. This process is easy and will save you time on payday because you won’t have to visit a GECU office. And, you can also have your Social Security payments and your tax returns directly deposited into your account as well.

To get started...
Ask your employer how to set-up Payroll Deduction or Direct Deposit with your company. If they have their own form, you will simply need to provide them with General Electric Credit Union’s (GECU) routing number: 242076821 and your full account number.

If you need to provide a Payroll Deduction/Direct Deposit Form from GECU, click here for a form to print and fill-out. Once your form is completed, please return it to any credit union location. We will make arrangements with your employer to set-up your Payroll Deduction or Direct Deposit.

Safe Deposit Boxes
Available at our Reading Road and Mason office locations, safe deposit boxes are a great way to keep your important documents and valuables protected. We offer a variety of sizes at low costs.

  • 3 x 5 Safe Deposit Box: $20.00 (plus tax) per year1
  • 5 x 5 Safe Deposit Box: $30.00 (plus tax) per year1
  • 3 x 10 Safe Deposit Box: $40.00 (plus tax) per year1
  • 5 x 10 Safe Deposit Box: $45.00 (plus tax) per year1
  • 10 x 10Safe Deposit Box: $75.00 (plus tax) per year1

1Safe Deposit Boxes only available at our Reading Road and Mason offices. The price listed does not include taxes.

Coin Counting Machines
Available at our Reading Road, Loveland, Mason, and Fairfield offices, our Coin Counting Machines are free for our members to use up to $150 in coins counted per day. Amounts over $150 will have a 5% service fee deducted.

Notary Services
The services of a Notary Public are free of charge at GECU. Please click here to see which office locations offer this service.

Incoming Wire Transfers
You can have money wired to your GECU accounts from another financial institution.

When you want to wire transfer money to a GECU account:

To/Financial Institution
Corporate One Credit Union 8700 Orion Place Columbus, OH 43240 ABA #: 244084264

For Credit To/Beneficiary:
General Electric Credit Union 10485 Reading Road Cincinnati, OH 45241 Account #: 242076821

Final Credit/Additional Info:
Member (Your) Name Member (Your) full Account Number

Outgoing Wire Transfers
For a small fee, you can wire money from a GECU account to another financial institution. If you are within the Greater Cincinnati area or in close proximity of our Madisonville, KY office, we require you to stop by any office location to complete a form; please bring your driver's license. 

Please note: You will be required to provide additional information to help protect you from identity theft and fraud.

Money Orders
If you don’t have a checking account, Money Orders are a convenient way to transact business when cash is inappropriate. They are available at any office location for a small fee. And, members of our Silver Dollar Club receive free Money Orders.

Signature Guarantee
This free service guarantees the legitimacy of a signature to prevent fraud and identity theft. Please click here to see which office locations offer this service.


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