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General Electric Credit Union

CURewards® Program

Purchase. Earn. Redeem.

The more you use your GECU Visa Signature® or Platinum cards, the more points you earn! 

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Platinum and Visa Signature Credit Card CURewards

Earn points, get rewarded.

Every dollar spent using a GECU Platinum or Visa Signature card earns you redeemable points. Our point structure allows you to start redeeming less reward points for great rewards; plus, our rates are incredible and there's no annual fee.1

  • The Platinum card earns CURewards® points; 3x the points at U.S. supermarkets and wholesale clubs,* 2x the points at gas stations,* and one point for all other purchases.
  • The Visa Signature® card earns 2x the points everytime, every place. 

Choose from travel rewards, gift cards, digital services, merchandise, payments to your GECU credit card, or deposits into your GECU checking or savings account. When booking travel through Montrose Travel on the CURewards website, you'll earn 2x the points. Access is available through the Credit Card section in Online Banking; it's the easiest way to keep tabs on your reward point balance. You may also register your card(s) at: using a separate username and password. 

*Please note: Merchants who accept your Platinum card are assigned to categories based on their primary business type (i.e. supermarkets - 5411, wholesale clubs = 5300, gas stations = 5541 and 5542). We do not control the category code merchants choose. We may use merchant categories to identify which purchases qualify to earn extra reward points. From time to time, purchases may be prevented from earning extra reward points because a merchant chose a non-qualifying category.

CURewards Reward Statement
If you've provided an updated email address (by enrolling in e-Statements, for example) you'll receive a quarterly CURewards Reward Statement via email that will include your point balance (as of the last statement cycle), reward options, and special offers. 

Earn bonus points through the CURewards® Mall.
When you visit the CURewards Mall (found within the CURewards website), you earn bonus reward points by shopping with your card at participating merchants in-store and online. Be sure to click on the links in each offer you'd like to take advantage of or use your card when shopping in-store at participating retailers. 

Download the CURewards mobile app in your iTunes or Google Pay app store.
The app is free and allows you to view CURewards Mall offers based on your current location. You can also redeem your points for merchandise and view your total redeemable point balance. If you haven't established your CURewards account, you can register by logging into the Credit Card section in Online Banking or in the CURewards app. 


CURewards FAQs
How do I earn points?
For every $1 you spend on net purchases using your GECU Platinum card, you'll earn CURewards points; 3x the points at U.S. supermarkets and wholesale clubs, 2x the points at gas stations, and one point for all other purchases. Once you begin making purchases, you’ll see your points add up and you’ll be on your way to travel, merchandise, and other exciting rewards. When booking travel through Montrose Travel on the CURewards website, you’ll earn 2x the points.
How can I redeem points?
You can redeem points through the Credit Card section of Online Banking or by visiting the web site. Shop for rewards by choosing from a wide variety of options and even book an airline ticket or a cruise.
How can I redeem my points for cash or rebate?
What types of rewards are available?
CURewards points can be redeemed for: travel, gift cards, movie tickets, experiential rewards, merchandise, charity donations, payments to your GECU credit card, or deposits to your GECU checking or savings account. Our travel rewards include airline tickets, hotel stay certificates, and auto rental vouchers. You will also find gift certificates to some of your favorite name brand merchants in a variety of categories including: shopping, dining, and more.
How many points can I earn?
A maximum of 250,000 points may be earned in one calendar year.
How will I know how many points I have accumulated?
You can view your reward point balance online through the Credit Card section in Online Banking or find it on your paper or e-Statements.
How long will points remain in my account?
Points will expire five years from the end of the calendar year in which they are earned, and will expire on a first-in, first-out basis annually (i.e. points earned in calendar year one will expire on the last business day of calendar year five).
If I close my account, can I still redeem points?
Your account must be open and in good standing (not canceled or terminated; not delinquent, over limit, or otherwise not available to use for charges) at time of redemption. Rewards are not available when a cardholder is in default under the card agreement.

CURewards Mall FAQs
What is the CURewards Mall?
An enhancement to the CURewards program. CURewards Mall is a program that allows you to earn Mall points, by shopping at your favorite brand-name retailers within the CURewards Mall network. Members will be presented relevant offers, based on spending history and preferences, to earn points or discounts with merchants in Mall network.
How do I access the CURewards Mall website?
You can access the CURewards Mall by: logging-in to Credit Card section of Online Banking, visiting the website, or through the CURewards mobile app.
How do I earn points through the CURewards Mall?
Every time you use your card at the participating retailers listed on the CURewards Mall website, you'll earn Mall points. Just remember to click on the links in each offer, or use your card when shopping in participating retailers' stores.
When will I receive my Mall Points?
Mall points can take up to 30 days to be credited to your account after the date of purchase. If you do not see the Mall points you earned within 30 days, please contact CURewards customer support. Points will be stored on the CURewards Mall tab, members will not receive emails/mail from a merchant stating how many points they earned.
Will I earn base points plus Mall points when I shop in the CURewards Mall?
CURewards cardholders who shop in the CURewards Mall will still earn base points awarded through the CURewards program plus bonus points from the Merchants with whom they shop.
How do I find a participating retailer?
To find a retailer where you can earn Mall points, simply view the list of "In-Store Mall" retailers or shop directly through the website at the Online Mall retailers.
Do I need to do anything extra when shopping in-store?
Nope! Just make sure you use your GECU Platinum credit card when you shop and you'll automatically earn Mall points.



CURewards Program Rules & Conditions

1Fees: Regular APR applies; foreign transaction fee is 1.5% of each transaction in U.S. dollars. There is a $3 or 2% of the amount (whichever is greater) fee to transfer balances from other credit cards to a GECU credit card.  

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