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General Electric Credit Union

Understanding Your ATM Access Options

Access your money when you need it.

When using a GECU debit or ATM card at a GECU ATM, there is no fee or surcharge for any transaction. Locate your nearest ATM using our ATM & Branch Locator.

5/3 Bank Surcharge-Free Partnership

We have a partnership with 5/3 to allow GECU members to make cash withdrawals at 5/3 Bank ATMs, located in 12 states, without a surcharge. 5/3 Bank has over 2,300 ATMs in the following states: Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and West Virginia. To locate a 5/3 Bank ATM, visit:

Alliance One Surcharge-Free Network

The Alliance One Network, a national network of surchage-free ATMs, are identified by their logo. You can use an Alliance One Network ATM without a surcharge. To locate ATMs within the Alliance One Network, visit:

Use the Alliance One Locator App to find the nearest surcharge-free ATM, wherever you are. To download the app, visit your app store, iTunes® or Google Play®, and search for "Alliance One."


Understanding ATM Fees & Surcharges

GECU ATMs: When you use an ATM owned by GECU, there is no fee or surcharge for any transaction.

Foreign ATMs (non-GECU ATMs): Foreign ATMs are ATMs which GECU does not own. These ATM owners may charge a surcharge fee to use their machine. Please note, we do not charge this fee; it is controlled by and collected by the ATM owner. When using a foreign ATM, you may incur the following fees:

  • ATM Fee: You will be assessed an ATM fee when using a foreign (non-GECU) ATM. We are only passing along a small portion of the fee GECU is charged for this transaction; it helps offset our costs.
    • $.50 for JeanieSM network ATM transactions (this includes 5/3 Bank ATM transactions) and
    • $.75 for non-Jeanie network ATM transactions (i.e. STAR® or PULSE® network ATMs
  • ATM Surcharge: Additionally, you may be assessed a surcharge-fee when using a foreign (non-GECU) ATM. These surcharge-fees are assessed and collected by the ATM owner. You will be informed of the surcharge during the ATM transaction; it typically ranges from $1-$5.

How to Avoid ATM Fees & Surcharges

  • Use a GECU ATM when possible as it's totally free for members.
  • Use an ATM in the Alliance One Network, as well as make surcharge-free cash withdrawals at 5/3 Bank ATMs.
  • Get extra cash back. When you use your debit card at the grocery store, or other merchants that allow you to use a debit card with your PIN, you can ask to get extra cash back from your purchase. You simply specify the amount you'd like to receive and the cashier will give you that amount once your purchase has processed.
  • Take out enough cash for the week or pay period. By taking out a larger sum, you'll cover your cash needs for the week and can avoid multiple trips to the credit union or surcharge-free ATMs. This is a good tip to follow if you do have to use an ATM that surcharges.




*GECU ATM fee may apply at surcharge-free ATMs. For details, review our Fee Schedule. When using a foreign ATM within the Alliance One Network, occasionally machines will display a standard surcharge message on the screen during your transaction. Despite seeing this message, Alliance One Network members will not actually pay this surcharge when the transaction is processed through the network. This list is updated continually and is up to the institution who owns the ATM to notify the Alliance One Network of any changes. Please check your account to confirm this surcharge has not been charged to your account.



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