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Our mission is to Improve the Quality of Financial Lives. This doesn’t stop with financial products and services, we want to empower our community and members with the information necessary to become financially astute through all life stages.

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Credit Education Month Consumer Protection Week
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March: Credit Education Month

Your credit is a direct reflection of your financial health and impacts a majority of important life decisions. Your credit score and history are important pieces of your financial picture.

What do you know about credit? Do you know how to wisely use credit cards to improve your credit score? As part of Credit Education Month, we’re highlighting effective and informative articles to help increase your credit knowledge including what your credit score means, what affects your score, and how you can take steps to begin improving your financial health.


March 4th – 10th: National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW)

Know your consumer rights to make empowered, well-informed decisions about money. During NCPW, we’ll share a variety of articles helping you to become a smarter consumer and banker!

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