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Mobile App Updates 

We’ve introduced new ways to manage your money on the go through our mobile app. Check out some of the latest updates!

  • More functionality within the Web BillPay mobile experience, including:
    • The ability to sign up, view, pay, and manage eBills entirely through the app.
    • Set up a scheduled bill payment and pay eBills automatically.
    • See historical payments made to a payee.
    • A new memo field for payments is now available.
    • Mobile users can now remove payees they no longer need within the app.
  • Face ID capabilities for new Apple devices using iOS 11; the user experience mimics that of Touch ID.
  • Smartwatch Banking functionality will be new for this release.
Mobile Experience

Member Number vs. Account Number

As a member of General Electric Credit Union, you have a member number and potentially multiple different account numbers. What’s the difference? We put together a brief overview explaining what the difference is between the two and when to use each.

Full Details

Money Minutes

Our new blog, Money Minutes, is a financial resource we encourage you to use and refer to, because there’s pertinent information for you, no matter where you are in life. Dedicated to providing articles on topics including: savings, establishing good credit, credit cards, saving for retirement, online security, protecting your personal information, and much more, the content available is created to help you make informed financial decisions.

New articles are added weekly relating to current promotions or hot topics in the industry; you can easily view different articles based on topic on the right-hand side of the pages. As well, view some of our most recent articles here:

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