Your savings deserve
a bump

3-year Bump Certificate at 1.05% APY* or 
5-year Bump Certificate at 1.15% APY*

Make the most of rising rates–bump your rate once per year!

The GECU and credit union difference

Serving since 1954
With proven stability, we are the third largest locally based financial institution in Greater Cincinnati.
You’re a shareholder
As a cooperative credit union, we’re owned and run by our members.
Members matter
We're not for profit and we’re committed to your financial success.
Open to all
GECU membership is open to anyone in the Greater Cincinnati area.
Committed to our communities
GECU supports local businesses and organizations through our GECU Cares program, sponsorships, and our annual scholarship.
Empowering people
Your success is our success. We provide tools and resources so you can make the best choices for your unique finances.

What our members say

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Why Good Credit Is Still Important in Retirement

Retirement is a time to enjoy life to the fullest. While money matters may not be as exciting as traveling the world or painting a masterpiece, they’re still important. And your credit score is a crucial number to stay on top of. Doing so stands to benefit you in a myriad of ways during your golden years.

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