Bump Certificates

Bump Certificates provide a guaranteed return and are just what you need to be well-positioned in this rising rate environment.  

Your savings deserve
a bump

A Bump Certificate is a type of certificate that gives you the option to “bump” up to a higher APY during the certificate’s maturity term. The outcome? More savings, just like that.

Increase your rate once a year, every year, for the life of the certificate.

  • Increase your rate 3x (once per year) with a 3-year Bump Certificate.
  • Increase your rate 5x (once per year) with a 5-year Bump Certificate. 

Bump Certificate rates1

Term Minimum Balance Rate APY
3-Year Bump Certificate $0 4.17% 4.25%
5-Year Bump Certificate $0 4.36% 4.45%

How does it work? 

At the written or verbal request of any Certificate owner, the dividend rate may be changed to the current rate offered on new Certificates without incurring a penalty, one time per year. Note: A signature will be required to process a bump rate increase request.

To initiate a bump request:


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