A GECU Credit Card is truly the best card to have in your wallet! 
Our cards’ benefits make them stand out from other options on the market: 
  • Amazing low rates that are the same for purchases, balance transfers, and cash advances
  • No annual fee* – no matter which card you choose
  • No charges for: applying and processing, or making balance transfers or cash advances
  • Great rewards; Visa® Platinum card (points for merchandise, gift cards, digital services, and travel) and Visa® Dividend and Dividend Gold cards (cash back)
  • Online credit card features to make your experience safe and convenient; including free e-Statements and convenient payment options
  • No Universal Default Clause – meaning we won't increase your rates if you're late on your other credit cards, loans, or utility bills
    Learn more about each of our fantastic cards: 
  • Visa Platinum Card: Offering premium merchandise, travel, and gift card rewards
  • Visa Dividend and Dividend Plus Gold: Offering cash back rewards

    *Regular purchase Annual Percentage Rate (APR) applies. 

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