Save with confidence

  • No minimum deposit
  • Competitive rates
  • Guaranteed returns

A certificate is a great way to earn higher interest than in a traditional savings account. Our high-yield certificates offer guaranteed returns and put your savings on autopilot. Just choose your term and let your certificate go to work for you.

  • Competitve rates
  • No minimum deposit requirement (with the exception of our Jumbo/Jumbo+ Certificates) 
  • Federally insured up to $250,000 by the NCUA

Three easy ways to open a certificate

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Your Strategic Playbook for Extending NCUA Deposit Insurance Coverage

Deposit insurance exists to protect your funds in the event a financial institution fails.

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Improve Your Certificate Vocabulary and Start Saving Smarter

Saving for the future can feel like swimming upstream – especially during periods of high inflation when the cost of everything goes up. That’s why you need a savings solution that propels your money forward. 

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3 Misconceptions About High-Yield Savings Accounts

When interest rates increase, it can affect your financial life in several ways – some good, some bad. One silver lining is that financial institutions often increase their deposit rates in response to rate hikes. 

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