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General Electric Credit Union

A Message from Our CEO

All of your Credit Union team members are back in our offices! There’s a lot of positive energy in the air and I am truly proud of every team member’s resilience, flexibility, and grit. Now that we’ve returned, it is apparent and demonstrates being together supports how we work as an organization, while encouraging great ideas and relationships to form. As we look forward to the rest of 2021, I cannot thank you enough for your continued trust, loyalty, and patience during these unprecedented times.

Over halfway through the year, it is encouraging to see positive movement in our economy. The previous three months saw an increase in spending which is expected to continue as we recover from the pandemic.1 Unemployment still remains higher than pre-COVID times; analysts expect the pressures of the labor market to normalize with increased vaccinations and the expiration of unemployment payments.2 With regard to rates, we remain in a low-rate environment and likely will for the foreseeable future.

When I reflect on how we’ve grown as an organization through the years, our mission and values have remained strong. Being the third largest local financial institution in Greater Cincinnati allows us to bring you value in the products and services needed along your financial journey, while being locally focused provides us the opportunity to strengthen our relationship with you through individual service excellence. To us, having you as a member is more than just having an account with us; we are your financial partner through all of life’s milestones. We have the resources you need, we’re here when you need us, whether you are: buying your first car or going off to college, looking for your first home or planning a family, venturing out with your own business, or simply looking for a better way to manage your day-to-day finances at any time. Make your dreams become reality; through our door is your possibility.

In a more literal sense, you may be wondering when the doors at our new Eastgate, South Lebanon, and Liberty Way branches are opening. As you may have heard, there’s been an increase in demand for building and other supplies over the last year, and resources have been limited. That doesn’t stop our excitement for these locations, and we anticipate opening Eastgate late summer with the others to shortly follow. Additionally, we’re currently seeking the best location opportunity on the west side of Cincinnati.

These new locations, along with our existing locations, feature our Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) with 24/7 access to all your GECU accounts. We’ve talked about our ITMs quite a bit, but we want you to really see the power of these machines and how they can benefit you. While you may have experienced an ITM at another financial institution, the technology of our ITMs is unprecedented. Think beyond an ATM and even beyond the ability to speak with a team member via video as you can now. Soon, our ITMs will be removing the stodgy structure of regular “banking hours,” and you’ll be able to access all your GECU accounts 24/7/365, including holidays, using your GECU debit card. That means making a loan payment with cash or a check on the way to work before our branches open, or cashing a check after our branch closes for the day. Other unparalleled capabilities include the ability to make a payment to your GECU credit card, and transfer money from a home equity line of credit to your checking account. These ITMs provide you the opportunity to bank when and how you want.

We have more to come this year! We’re your partner, your go-to; our door is your possibility. Thank you so much for your membership.

Timothy D. Ballinger
President and Chief Executive Officer


1US News: “US Consumers Boosted Spending in April as Inflation Surged.” Crutsinger, 5.28.2021.
2Forbes: “Biden: It ‘Makes Sense’ That $300 Unemployment Will End In September.” Hansen, 6.4.2021.

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