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General Electric Credit Union

A Message from Our CEO

Happy New Year! From all of us at General Electric Credit Union, we hope you enjoyed a relaxing holiday season with family and friends.

2019 was undoubtedly another successful year for the Credit Union; we introduced new products, enhanced our services, and began developing new branches. While these are certainly great achievements for us as a financial institution, at the end of the day, what makes them matter is you. Everything we do is in support of your financial needs, wherever you are in life.

Entering the new year, the U.S. economy is in a relatively good position. Consumer spending – and confidence – remains strong, and it’s anticipated the Federal Reserve will hold rates steady in 2020. As we review market trends throughout the year, we will continue to evaluate our deposit and loan rates, ensuring they remain competitive.

One of our core focuses is finding more ways to give you greater control of your financial life. We want you to connect with your accounts when, where, and how you want, so you can concentrate your energy on what truly matters. We’re supporting this goal with the introduction of our Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs). This technology, soon to be available as we open our new branches, will allow you to easily make transactions, either through two-way video or an enhanced ATM option. Similar to how we refine our other products and services, ITMs will be continually improved to make each experience better than the one before it.  

As we strive to be number one in the hearts and minds of members like you, we want your everyday banking experience to be as convenient and easy as possible. That’s why we’re expanding our branch presence in the Tri-State area. We have new locations opening in a few months in Florence, Oakley, and Montgomery. Later on, we’ll begin efforts on three additional branches in Eastgate, South Lebanon, and West Chester (across from Liberty Center). We’re excited to develop new relationships and cultivate existing ones in these communities.

To support new branches and ITMs, as well as other exciting projects and initiatives, we will continue to grow our GECU team. In fact, in 2019 alone, we added more than 80 new team members. And over the past five years, we’ve increased our employee base by over 160%. We’re proud of this growth and to be able to offer additional employment opportunities to invest in the communities we serve, while better serving you. Know that with each new team member who joins our organization, you have another caring professional ready to make your everyday financial experiences easier than ever before.

There is more on the horizon, and I look forward to continuing our journey together. As always, thank you for giving us the opportunity to Improve the Quality of Your Financial Life.

Timothy D. Ballinger
President and Chief Executive Officer

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