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General Electric Credit Union

EVOLVE: Embrace the Journey

New Certificate Specials

No gimmicks. Just great rates! 

Our short-term certificate specials are ideal in the current rising-rate environment. Choose from a variety of terms available, and begin earning with as low as $500.

Current Specials* 


rates_certificate_special table
TermMinimum BalanceRateAPY
9 - Month Share Certificate*$5002.72%2.75%*
9 - Month IRA/HSA Certificate*$5002.72%2.75%*
33 - Month Share Certificate*$5003.28%3.33%*
33 - Month IRA/HSA Certificate*$5003.29%3.33%*
2 - Year Jumbo Share Certificate**$100,0002.96%3.00%**
2 - Year Jumbo IRA Certificate**$100,0002.97%3.00%**

More Details

Amplified High-Yield Checking

More than just a checking account. 

Beginning with a minimum balance of $5,000, this variable rate, four-tiered program gives you the ability to earn a higher return, as your balance increases. 

With the two highest-balanced tiers tied to the 1-Month Treasury Bill (T-Bill) rate, you'll experience the excitement of the rising-rate environment without doing the legwork. Every week, the variable rate for balances beginning at $250,000, will adjust in accordance to the 1-Month T-Bill rate PLUS up to an additional .35%. No need to look for the next best rate, you're already receiving it. 

Full Account Details

Member Number vs. Account Number

As a member of General Electric Credit Union, you have a member number and potentially multiple different account numbers. What’s the difference? We put together a brief overview explaining what the difference is between the two and when to use each.

Full Details

Money Minutes

Our new blog, Money Minutes, is a financial resource we encourage you to use and refer to, because there’s pertinent information for you, no matter where you are in life. Dedicated to providing articles on topics including: savings, establishing good credit, credit cards, saving for retirement, online security, protecting your personal information, and much more, the content available is created to help you make informed financial decisions.

New articles are added weekly relating to current promotions or hot topics in the industry; you can easily view different articles based on topic on the right-hand side of the pages. As well, view some of our most recent articles here:

Visit Money Minutes




*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Fees may reduce earnings. Substantial penalties for early withdrawal on all certificates. Refer to the Account Disclosure for account information.

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