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General Electric Credit Union

Get Financially Fit

How healthy are your finances?

Whether you want to put more money back in your pocket, reduce overall credit card debt, or find a better solution to manage your money, we’re here to help you get in shape.

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Get financially fit in 2018 with the help of General Electric Credit Union

What are YOUR financial goals? 

Fatten Up Your Savings  |  Slim Down High-Interest Credit Card Debt  |  Set and Track Financial Goals

Fatten Up Your Savings

We want to fatten up your bank account. To prove it, we've increased our rates!

Maybe you’re setting aside money for a down payment for a house or that new car, either way, we can help you reach your goal with our risk-free savings options.


rates_share_certificates table
TermMinimum BalanceRateAPY
6 - Month Certificate$500.44%.45%
1 - Year Certificate$500.64%.65%
2 - Year Certificate$500.79%.80%
3 - Year Certificate$500.84%.85%
5 - Year Certificate$500.99%1.00%
1 - Year Jumbo Certificate$100,000.69%.70%
2 - Year Jumbo Certificate$100,000.84%.85%

Turn your savings into earnings with our Thrive Money Market account. A competitive rate on higher balances with fluidity of funds, you can save with confidence and reach your goals, faster. Learn more >>

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Slim Down High-Interest Credit Card Debt

Shed your credit card debt this year. Save on interest by transferring any high-rate credit card balances to our industry-leading, low-rate GECU credit cards. Take advantage of the many benefits our credit cards offer, including: no annual fee, enhanced rewards, and much more.

Make the smart move today.

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Set and Track Financial Goals

We have the financial fitness equipment you need. Get a better handle on your finances this year with Money Management, accessible through Online Banking and our mobile app.

When you’re in control of your finances, you just feel better. Within minutes, connect and display all your accounts, loans, and investments to view your entire financial picture.

  • View your overall spending in easy-to-understand charts to find opportunities to save.
  • Follow an auto-generated budget based on your spending habits and make changes as needed. 
  • Set custom alerts for non-GECU account balances, a large expense or deposit, when you're approaching your budget, and more.
  • Establish goals to pay off a loan or save for an upcoming event or purchase. 
  • Receive tips to help pay down the right debt first - quickly and more efficiently. 

It’s that easy!

Become Financially Fit

Looking for a trainer?

Maybe one-on-one assistance can help you get or stay on track. Work with a Member Consultant at any branch location to receive custom financial guidance specific to your needs and goals. 

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1APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Fees may reduce earnings. Substantial penalties for early withdrawal on all certificates. Refer to the Account Disclosure for account information. 

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