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Checkout fast and secure wherever you shop. 

Simplify the checkout experience and and bypass checkout forms forever. 

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MasterPass changes the way you shop online

Shopping with Masterpass is easy!

It's a free online digital wallet that allows you to skip the chore of filling out checkout forms when making purchases online. Upon sign-up, enter your card and shipping information once so you don't have to re-enter the same information again.

Accepted cards include: any debit, credit, or reloadable prepaid card from MasterCard®, Maestro®, American Express®, Diner’s Club®, Discover®, and Visa®; you can also add loyalty card information.

You’ll enjoy peace-of-mind knowing your information is safe and secure when shopping with Masterpass. Multi-tiered security makes Masterpass as safe as it is fast and convenient.  



Use it wherever you see the Masterpass™ button online; click on it to get things rolling. When prompted, sign in using your Masterpass username and password, select the card and shipping address you wish to use, review your order, and submit - it's that easy!

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Masterpass FAQs

What is Masterpass?
Masterpass is a digital wallet service that makes online shopping safe, easy, and convenient. Masterpass stores all your payment and shipping information in one central, secure location. Shop, click (or tap), and checkout faster online.
What cards can I use with Masterpass?
Masterpass works with all major debit, credit, and prepaid cards. You’ll have the ability to add any MasterCard or American Express, Diner’s Club, Maestro, Discover, or Visa. 
How do I use Masterpass to buy something?
Once you’ve filled your online shopping cart, on a merchant website, and are ready to checkout, click or tap the Buy With Masterpass checkout button and select your Masterpass-connected wallet.
Sign in may take place on the checkout page or you may be redirected to the Masterpass site to complete the sign in process. Once logged in, you can choose from your list of stored payment cards and shipping addresses. If you wish to use a card or shipping address that you haven’t already added to your Masterpass, just click or tap the Add option.
Once you choose your card and shipping location, you’ll have an opportunity to review your order before completing checkout.
Is Masterpass safe to use?
Absolutely. It’s a top priority to keep your personal information safe. MasterCard uses secure servers and multi-part authentication including your login, address verification, encrypted data transmission, and other advanced authentication tools. Mobile/SMS verification is an optional setting you may use for an additional layer of security.
Do I have to pay to use GECU Masterpass?
No, there are no fees or charges to use Masterpass. But remember, if you ever opt to receive notifications about your account by text message, you may incur standard messaging fees from your mobile phone carrier.
What is Mobile Verification?
Mobile verification is an additional safety measure to keep your personal information secure. It protects your account from abuse or compromise at sign in. While Masterpass doesn’t charge you for these text messages, please keep in mind that, depending on your text and data plan, you may incur standard messaging charges from your mobile provider.
You can add this extra layer of security by enabling Mobile Verification under My Account, then Settings. During checkout from your computer, after you’ve selected your card and shipping address, we’ll send a text message with a 4-digit verification code to your mobile phone; enter that one-time-use verification code and checkout is complete!
How do I contact Masterpass support?
If you are unable to answer your question from the support FAQs and need further assistance, please contact MasterPass Support by dialing 1.888.327.2943 for assistance.

Masterpass™ is a trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated.

Masterpass Support

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