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General Electric Credit Union

Member Number and Account Number

What’s the Difference?

As a member of General Electric Credit Union, you have a member number and potentially multiple different account numbers. What’s the difference? We put together a brief overview explaining what the difference is between the two and when to use each.

Member Number

Your member number is used to identify your overall relationship with General Electric Credit Union. Provided to you when you first joined the Credit Union, you can always find your member number at the top of your statements (or eStatement).

When to Use Your Member Number:

  • Registering for Online Banking or our mobile app, you will need your member number to identify your relationship and accounts with us.
  • Accessing your accounts via Sourceline, our free telephone teller.

Account Number

Each account you have at the Credit Union has a different account number. This number is assigned when the account is opened and appears on the first page of your statement or eStatement under Summary of Accounts. You can also find your account number in Online Banking by clicking Account Details under Account History.

When to Use Your Account Number:

  • Setting up a direct deposit or automatic deduction from your paycheck.

  • Setting up one-time or automatic transfers to your GECU account from an outside account. 

  • Making a payment to an outside account (e.g. utility or cable bill) from your checking account. 

  • To identify your account when contacting a Member Service Representative (MSR) for account assistance over the phone or working with an employee in a branch.

Note: You will need your full account number and GECU’s routing number (2420-7682-1) when setting up any direct deposit or ACH transaction.

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