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General Electric Credit Union

ITMs: Banking, Your Way

Bringing the latest in technology to a location near you. 

Combine the ease of self-service ATMs with the benefits of personalized banking. 

Personal Teller/ITM in Cincinnati, OH

We're proud to introduce you to ITMs! 

Our Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) offer an enhanced ATM experience and the ability to perform your everyday transactions with a local GECU team member via two-way video, just as you would with a teller.

An Enhanced Experience

Our ITM (which is really like a Personal Teller and an ATM) offers you the opportunity to choose how you'd like to connect with your money:  

  • The two-way video option offers a traditional teller experience, with a digital twist! You'll be connected with a local GECU team member who can assist with your transaction(s) and answer questions, during business hours.
  • The ATM experience allows for several enhanced ATM transactions, including the ability to: withdraw cash in denominations of $1, make deposits without an envelope or deposit slip, and get check images printed on your receipts. 

Our Personal Tellers

When you use our ITM to speak to a Personal Teller, you are speaking to a local GECU team member who sits in our offices in Cincinnati, OH. They are specially trained on the technology and you'll receive the same service you've come to expect from any GECU team member.

Personal Teller/ITM Locations

Our Personal Teller/ITMs are now available at:

  • Reading Road: Located inside the 24/7 vestibule
  • Eastgate: Located inside our 24-hour ITM lobby (with debit card access) and in the drive-thru lanes
  • GE Plant: Outside of our office in building 700 (restricted access)
  • Fairfield: Located inside the branch 
  • Mason: Located in the drive-thru lane 
  • Loveland: Located inside the branch 
  • Oakley: Located inside our 24-hour ITM lobby (with debit card access) and in the drive-thru lanes
  • Montgomery: Located inside our 24-hour ITM lobby (with debit card access) and in the drive-thru lanes
  • South Lebanon: Located inside our 24-hour ITM lobby (with debit card access) and in the drive-thru lanes
  • Highland Heights, KY: Located inside and in the drive-thru lane, closest to the building
  • Florence, KY: Located inside and in the drive-thru lanes

Additionally, visit our Hours & Locations page or ATM/Branch Locator and look for our ITM icon. 


What is an ITM?
An ITM is an Interactive Teller Machine. Not only can it do everything an ATM can do, but you can also speak with a local GECU Personal Teller via two-way video. Everything you expect from a traditional teller, but with contactless delivery of cash and greater accessibility.
How do ITMs work?
Simply touch the screen to speak directly to one of our Personal Tellers! They’ll be happy to see you and assist you with all of your transactions. Or, you may choose to use the enhanced ATM feature, including the ability to: withdraw cash in denominations of $1, make deposits without an envelope or deposit slip, and get check images printed on your receipts.
Where are the tellers located?
Our Personal Tellers, and all GECU team members, are local and work in our Cincinnati area offices.
Why is GECU using ITMs?
We are always looking for ways to provide our members with greater banking access and this is the next natural step in that direction! ITMs will allow us to serve you more efficiently, reduce lines and wait times, and extend our hours to make your banking easier. The hours for our walk-up and drive thru ITMs are: 8 am – 5 pm Monday through Thursday; 8 am – 6 pm Friday; 9 am – 2 pm Saturday.
Will there still be employees working in branches with ITMs?
Absolutely! Alongside our ITMs will be GECU Relationship Consultants who will be happy to assist you with all your financial needs, including: loans, accounts, Online Banking and mobile app assistance, and anything else you may need to discuss.
Do you still have drive thru services?
Yes, we do, and our ITMs make this an even greater experience! Now you can speak with our Personal Tellers via two-way video without ever having to leave your car! Cashing a check, making a loan payment, or depositing funds has never been more convenient.
Are ITMs the same as ATMs?
ITMs can do everything an ATM can do and so much more! You can deposit cash, make a loan payment, cash your check to the penny, and speak with a Personal Teller with a simple tap of the screen.
What types of transactions can I do with an ITM?
Almost everything that a traditional teller can do can also be done at the ITM. This includes: cash deposits, withdrawals, transfers, loan payments, balance inquiries, and check deposits. Relationship Consultants are available at our branches to assist with other items, such as: money orders, cash advances, cashier’s checks, notary services, and other account-related services.
What are the benefits of using an ITM?
Our ITMs are faster and offer more privacy than a traditional teller line, provide extended hours to better fit your schedule, and are easily accessible for hearing-impaired members.
Are ITMs replacing GECU employees?
No, in fact we’re happy to share that ITMs have created the need for new positions and opportunities for our team members. We are grateful to all of our team members and value what they bring to the member experience. Our Personal Tellers are excited to work with this new technology, while still serving our members “face-to-face” via video. You may even see a familiar face as some team members transitioned into this department from other areas!
If I have further questions or if I have an issue with a transaction, will someone be available to assist me?
During branch hours of operation, a member of the branch team will be available to offer further assistance.
I’m hearing impaired, will I still be able to use the ITM?
Of course! You can use our headset or plug in your own headphones. Additionally, there is a chat feature you may use to communicate with one of our Personal Tellers.
Will my conversation be private?
Absolutely! The ITM privacy is that of a traditional teller environment, but even better! The ITM offers an array of privacy options, including:
  • Screen filter that only allows the person directly in front of the ITM (you!) to see the screen;
  • Phone handset that allows you to speak with the personal teller over the phone;
  • Chat functionality; and, other alternative privacy options.

We encourage you to speak with a Personal Teller for more details!

If I make a loan payment after the branch closes, will it still post for the same day?
Yes, you can make your payment up to 8 pm and it will post the same day!
Can I choose the denomination of my withdraw?
Another great advantage of our ITMs is that you can choose how you want your money. Our ITMs dispense in denominations of $100, $20, $5, and $1. When cashing a check, your change can be dispensed in a mixture of quarters, nickels, and pennies.
Can it handle coin?
The ITM can dispense coin so you can cash your check to the penny. You can also withdraw quarters, nickels, and pennies. For depositing, coin machines are available at all traditional branches.
Can I get a receipt?
Yes, plus all ITM receipts offer the image of any check deposited on the back of your receipt.
How soon will my transactions show in Online Banking or the mobile app?
Your ITM transactions will show up immediately after you log in Online Banking or the mobile app. In addition, images of any checks you deposit will show up within 24 hours.
If I deposit cash, will it be on a 2-day hold?
All cash deposits made at an ITM will be made available immediately.
How long will my check(s) be placed on hold if I deposit via the enhanced ATM feature at the ITM?
Similar to ATM check holds, all check deposits via ITM (not with a Personal Teller) will be placed on a minimum hold of 2 days. Extended holds may apply per our Funds Availability Policy.
If I deposit a check with a Personal Teller, will I have the funds available immediately?
Our Funds Availability Policy is the same with a traditional teller and our Personal Tellers through the ITM. Our policy is to make funds available to members the first business day after the initial deposit; however, extended holds may apply per our Funds Availability Policy.
Can non-members enjoy the features of the ITM?
Non-members can utilize the ATM functionality to withdraw from another financial institution and can make a Credit Card Cash Advance (fees from other financial institutions may apply). Membership is needed to fully experience everything an ITM can do. Thankfully, joining GECU couldn’t be easier. Visit any of our branches or open an account online

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