• April 20, 2022
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New to Mobile Check Deposit? Become a Digital Banking Pro in Minutes

In the past, credit union members had to bring their checks into the nearest branch and have a teller deposit or cash them. Today, they can enjoy the convenience of mobile check deposit. Whether someone recently opened their very first checking account or they’re simply a late adopter of digital banking, this easy-to-use technology will make managing their money more compatible with the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

How mobile check deposit works

The technology behind mobile check deposit is called remote deposit capture. This allows credit union members to snap a picture of the front and back of a check using their device. Once submitted, these digital scans are transmitted to the credit union via a cellular network or the Internet, allowing the member to complete the process remotely. 

Tips for using mobile check deposit

1. Use a dark background

Mobile check deposit software encourages users to put the check up against a dark background. This is because most checks are light in color and the dark background lends enough contrast that all four corners are visible. 

2. Sign the back 

Note that while financial institutions can accept check images, the back of the check still needs to be endorsed with a signature. Include “For mobile deposit only” so that it doesn’t delay processing.

3. Dispose of them responsibly 

A teller will keep a check when it is deposited in person. With mobile deposit, however, the user is responsible for what happens to them. If they decide to throw them out, it’s important to do so in a way that protects their security. A paper shredder can make quick work of this, though a standard pair of scissors can also get the job done. Just verify that all identifying information, such as the accountholder’s name and account number, are not legible. Then, dispose of the scraps in different bags to ensure motivated criminals can’t put the pieces back together.    

4. Review transaction history 

Sometimes, a user may sign and deposit a check, set it down on a table, then find it a few days later and forget if they ever actually deposited it. It happens! Once a check clears, the funds will be accessible in the account they were directed to. Or, deposited checks can also be searched for in account history. This serves as confirmation that it was successfully deposited. Simply review transaction history if the status of a check is unknown. 

While checks may not be as widely used as they were in the past, they still hold a place in daily life. Whether a user needs to deposit a check from freelance work or a birthday card (thanks, Aunt Mary!), mobile deposit allows them to do so from the convenience of wherever they are! General Electric Credit Union (GECU) offers a seamless Online Banking experience and a top-rated mobile app with robust security features so members can feel confident their money is in safe hands. Register for Online Banking in minutes from a device, or, download our mobile app from the Apple Store or Google Play. In addition to mobile check deposit, enrollees will enjoy a wide range of complimentary features including the Money Management budgeting tool, eStatements, and much more! 

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