Our online services give you access to your accounts and the ability to monitor and manage activity when you need to! 
Click to Access Online Banking 
FREE Online Banking  
Online Banking is the starting point for all of our online services. You can customize your Online Banking to fit your needs with the items that matter most to you. Once enrolled, you can monitor and manage the activity in your accounts quickly and securely.  
You are able to: 
  • Customize your Online Banking homepage with a two- or three-column layout and choose which items you want to see.
  • Review account history for share, loan, and credit card accounts.
  • Make one-time, or set-up recurring, transfers between accounts.
  • Make loan payments.
  • Share your accounts with other GECU members, or set-up sub users to allow access to anyone, including non members.
  • Monitor ATM/Debit Card transaction activity (including card holds for recent debit purchases).
  • View, print, and save copies of cleared checks.
  • Sign-up for e-Alerts to notify you of various account activity or remind you of upcoming payment due dates.
  • Receive e-Notifications any time there is an overdraft loan advance or an insufficient funds item on your account.
  • Transfers to/from other financial institutions: Set-up ACH transfers to deposit funds into your GECU accounts, or to pay your GECU loans, from an account at another financial institution; or, to transfer funds from your GECU accounts to an account at another financial institution.
  • Sign-up to use FREE Mobile Banking from any web-enabled mobile phone.
  • Have confidence your accounts are safe with the highest security. encryption and protection available including Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • View your investment portfolio online (for those who use Investment Services of our Financial Mall; this must be set-up by our investment advisor).
    Before enrolling, be sure to have your member number (Please note: all member numbers end in zero). Click here to access our online enrollment form.  
    Once you submit the form, your initial temporary password will be emailed to you immediately. You will have 30 minutes to retrieve your temporary password and login to Online Banking. You will then verify your identity, enter your temporary password, and be prompted to enter a new password of your choice. 
    After you choose your new password, you will be taken through the Multi-Factor Authentication enrollment (security picture and phrase) and be asked to read and agree to Online Banking's site disclosure. You will then be taken to your Online Banking homepage. From here, if you'd like to change your Login ID (currently your member number) you can go to the "User Profile" tab, click "User Preferences," and click the blue "Change" link next to your Login ID under "Personal Info." Please note: if you change your Login ID from your member number to something else, you cannot change it back to your member number at a future time. 
    Click here to watch an informative video about FREE Online Banking! 
    FREE E-Statements 
    E-Statements are found within Online Banking and offer 12 months of account statement history. Once enrolled, an email will be sent to the email address you provide letting you know your statement is ready within Online Banking. 
    Benefits include: 
  • Protection from mail fraud and identity theft as your personal, financial information is not sent through the mail and left sitting in your mailbox.
  • E-Statements are available for you many days prior to mailed paper statements.
  • View, print, and save statements at your convenience.
  • E-Statements contain the same information as your paper statements.
    Once in Online Banking, click the "E-Statements" tab. Review the terms and conditions and if you agree, click "I Accept." Please make sure your email address is current (click the "User Profile" tab and then "User Preferences") and that's it! It's that easy. 
    Click here to watch an informative video about FREE E-Statements! 
    FREE Web BillPay** 
    Web BillPay can be used in conjunction with either of our FREE Checking accounts. And, our Web BillPay has a unique difference that sets ours a step above the rest. Our bill pay works just as if you write a check; the money doesn't come out of your checking account until the payment clears. With most other bill pay services, the money comes out of your account when you set-up your payment. And, many merchants (i.e., utility companies, cable companies, etc.) are now charging you to use their direct online payment systems - avoid their charges by setting them up as billers in our Web BillPay service! 
    Other great features include: 
  • Once you're signed-up, it's available for immediate use; start setting-up your billers and send a payment right away.
  • Receive e-bills from most companies; it's the ultimate convenience to receive and pay your bills from one spot.
  • Make same- or next-day payments to most billers; use the calendar feature to identify the earliest payment date.
  • Make one-time or recurring payments; set-up your own payment schedule.
  • Set-up email reminders for upcoming biller due dates and even for payment confirmation.
  • View and track 24 months of payment history.
    Once in Online Banking, click the “Services” tab and then click “Web BillPay.” This will take you to a short enrollment form. Upon your first sign-in, you'll be presented with a quick start screen suggesting specific bills to add to your Web BillPay account. You can then click "Proceed to the Payment Center" when you have added the bills you want at that time. 
    Click here to watch an informative video about FREE Web BillPay! 
    *We provide Mobile Banking to you for free; however, Mobile Internet data charges may apply, as well as text message charges. Please contact your mobile service provider for details.  
    **Web BillPay is free for those signed-up for FREE e-Statements; otherwise, the cost is $4.95/month. 

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