Manage your finances when and where you want! Online Banking is the gateway to all of our free and convenient online and mobile services… sign-up today! 
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Online Banking  
When you enroll for Online Banking, you can then use all of the online services we offer. Online Banking gives you the ability to customize and manage your finances as much, or as little, as you want. You’ll have convenient, secure access from anywhere and, best of all, it’s free!¹  
With Online Banking, you can:  
  • View real-time account balances, history, and pre-authorized holds
  • Transfer money between GECU accounts or into GECU account(s) from anywhere; this includes making credit card or loan payments and deposits from an external account²
  • View, print, and save copies of cleared checks
  • Access GECU credit card information and history, make payments, and view pre-authorized transactions
  • Receive e-Notifications any time there is an overdraft or insufficient funds occurrence
  • Share your accounts with other GECU members; set-up sub users to allow as much (or as little) control and access to anyone, including non-members, and more!

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    Access to these services can be found within Online Banking. 
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    e-Statements      e-Alerts      e-Transfers      Web BillPay      Mobile Banking 
    Reduce clutter and sign-up for our free e-Statements! e-Statements offer protection from mail fraud and identity theft as your personal financial information will not be sent through the mail and left sitting in your mailbox. Once enrolled, you’ll begin to accrue years worth of account statement history which you will have access to 24/7 and can view, print, and save at your convenience. Learn more>> 
    Receive notifications via email or text message. These alerts can be customized depending on the items you’d like to stay most up-to-date on. For example, e-Alerts can tell you when your account balance is above or below an amount you specify or remind you when your loan payment is due. Learn more>> 
    Use Online Banking to easily transfer money between GECU accounts or between a GECU account and an account you have someplace else. These can be one-time or recurring transfers and are a great way to make a GECU loan payment or a deposit from an external account. Learn more>> 
    Web BillPay 
    Our unlimited Web BillPay³ is an easy-to-navigate system that saves you the hassle of logging into individual biller websites to make your bill payments. Used in conjunction with our free checking account and Online Banking, you can: receive e-Bills, make payments, schedule future payments, set-up reminders, and access Popmoney® in one convenient place. Learn more>> 
    Mobile Banking 
    Access your accounts on-the-go with Mobile Banking.² Using a web-enabled device, you can: quickly view your account balance, transfer money between your GECU accounts, receive text alerts, access Web BillPay to pay bills, and so much more! Learn more>> 
    ¹We provide Online and Mobile Banking to you for free; however, Internet data charges may apply, as well as text message charges for text commands and e-Alerts. Please contact your mobile service provider for details. You must be an Online Banking user to have Mobile Banking access.  
    ²e-Transfers: Transfers between GECU accounts are free. You can make eight (8) free transfers-in from an external account each month; then there is a $1.00 fee per transfer. There is a daily maximum of $5,000 for transfers-in. There is a $5.00 fee for each transfer-out, to an external account. There is a daily maximum of $1,000 for transfers-out. Outbound transfers are placed on a seven-day hold, which is automatically removed when the transfer processes.    
    ³Web BillPay: Our unlimited Web BillPay service must be used in conjunction with a GECU checking account. Web BillPay is free to those signed-up for free e-Statements; otherwise it is $4.95/month. If you have e-Statements when signing up for Web BillPay,  
    but then decided to cancel e-Statements, during the month with which you cancel 
    e-Statements you will begin being billed $4.95/month for our unlimited Web BillPay service. 

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