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Reach your savings goals with a Share Certificate. 

Have extra funds lying around? Set them aside to grow with a high-return certificate.

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Low minimums, guaranteed returns.

A GECU certificate offers area-leading rates helping you build an optimal savings plan. With a variety of terms available, you can begin earning with as low as $500. Certificates give you a fixed-rate return making them a safe, risk-free option to help achieve your savings goals.

A Share Certificate includes: 

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Certificate Specials* (includes IRA Certificates)

rates_certificate_special table
TermMinimum BalanceRateAPY
6 - Month (Share & IRA) Certificate$5001.54%1.55%
18 - Month (Share & IRA) Certificate$5002.23%2.25%
2 - Year Jumbo Share Certificate$100,0002.47%2.50%
2 - Year Jumbo IRA Certificate$100,0002.48%2.50%

Bump Certificates** (includes HSA and IRA Certificate options)

rates_certificate_bump table
TermMinimum BalanceRateAPY
3 - Year Share Bump Certificate$5003.01%3.05%
3 - Year IRA/HSA Bump Certificate$5003.02%3.05%
5 - Year Share Bump Certificate$5003.25%3.30%
5 - Year IRA Bump Certificate$5003.26%3.30%

Standard Certificate Rates*

rates_share_certificates table
TermMinimum BalanceRateAPY
1 - Year$5001.74%1.75%
2 - Year$5002.23%2.25%
3 - Year$5001.98%2.00%
5 - Year$5002.82%2.85%
1 - Year Jumbo$100,0002.23%2.25%

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IRA Certificates

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HSA Certificates

Save for medical expenses with tax advantages. No minimum balance to open or maintain. Unspent balances remain in the account and earn higher interest.

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*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Fees may reduce earnings. Substantial penalties for early withdrawal on all certificates. Refer to the Account Disclosure for account information. 

**APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Fees may reduce earnings. Substantial penalties for early withdrawal on all certificates. Bump Certificates are new products and offer does not apply to existing certificates. This offer and details, including the stated APY, are accurate as of July 10, 2018, are available for a limited time and are subject to change at any time. Certificates will be opened and interest will accrue as of the date funding is received; funding must be received within 10 days of opening the account. Fees may reduce earnings; subject to early withdrawal penalties. Terms include 3- and 5-Year Bump Certificates. During the term of this certificate, the certificate owner has the option to initiate a rate adjustment one time per year during the term of their certificate to the prevailing GECU rate on that product. The certificate owner must provide a written or verbal request. One rate adjustment per year is reflective of an anniversary year, based on the certificate open date.

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