• September 1, 2022
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5 Tips for Food Pantry Donations

National Hunger Awareness Month is in September. For tens of millions of Americans, a daily meal isn’t a choice between different dishes or restaurants. It often involves a difficult decision between putting food on the table and other crucial needs. 

Food Banks across the country work to make a real and lasting impact on food insecurity in the United States, including many local food pantries in the Tri-State. This is an excellent time to explore ways you can give back and take action. Local organizations need food and monetary donations to restock their shelves and serve families in their communities. Your heartfelt donations make a difference! Please consider the tips below when donating to your local food pantry.

  • Donate milk alternatives. Milk expires, but there are several shelf-stable alternatives such as soy, almond, and oat milk that last longer and can be consumed by the lactose intolerant.
  • Look at can tops when donating. Pop-top cans are easier to open, especially if the kitchen isn’t equipped with a can opener. Consider purchasing and donating can openers when shopping for other donations.
  • Purchase kitchen staples for cooking and baking. Butter, salt, pepper, and oil are essential ingredients needed to prepare a homecooked meal. Also, think about donating items for a special treat such as brownie or cake mixes (with frosting), flour, and sugar; you may be helping a family in need celebrate a special occasion or birthday.
  • Consider the geographic location and cultural diversity when donating. It is important to understand the ethnic make-up of the community being served by a particular local food pantry. For example, instead of distributing bread, families may prefer tortillas or rice. Be mindful of the needs of the community; if you are unsure about what is appropriate, check with your local food bank for more information on their client population.
  • Pick up 1-2 items for your local food bank when doing your weekly grocery shopping. If you make it a habit to gradually collect items each time you go to the store, you will accumulate a sizable donation in just a few trips. This can be as simple as purchasing a couple items on sale each week; you won’t even notice the extra money you are spending and every few months you can deliver a generous donation to a local food pantry.

Once you have accumulated the items, you may be wondering where to take your donation. Please see the list below of a few local food pantries, several of which General Electric Credit Union (GECU) has partnered with in the past.

  • Caring Place Choice Pantry – Food Distribution Center, 6312 Kennedy Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45213
  • Fairfield Food Pantry – 78 Donald Drive, Fairfield, OH 45014
  • Freestore Foodbank – Mayerson Distribution Center, 1250 Tennessee Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45229
  • GO Pantry – 7960 Kentucky Drive, Florence, KY 41042
  • Loveland LIFE Food Pantry – 541 Loveland-Madeira Road, Loveland, OH 45140
  • Mason Food Pantry – 406 4th Avenue, Mason, OH, 45040
  • Matthew 25: Ministries – 11060 Kenwood Road, Blue Ash, OH 45242
  • Operation Give Back – Food Distribution Center 10891 Millington Court, Blue Ash, OH 45242
  • Reach Out Lakota – 6561 Station Road, West Chester Township, OH 45069

If you volunteer with any of the organizations above, tell us about it by emailing GECU Cares at: [email protected]. #GECUCares

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