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Managing your money shouldn’t feel like, or be more, homework. Get back to what really matters. As your trusted financial partner, we’ll keep your money safe and provide helpful guidance while you focus on this important chapter in your life.

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Regardless of whether you have savings, financial aid, or parents who can help you cover some of the cost of college, this period of your life is a time of growth and newfound freedom. With freedom comes responsibility, and one responsibility you may be trying to figure out is your financial well-being. Now is the moment to reexamine where you put or will put your money, how you use it, and how you can make it work better for you.

Some learning outside the classroom will help familiarize you with the fundamentals, but it’s also important to know what accounts and tools make up a good foundation.

Fill your money tools cache

Checking account

Access your money with an account that keeps it secure and in reach. Start out with a simple, feature-rich option like Simply Free Checking. You have classes to get to! Our mobile-forward solutions are key to going about your day without wondering what’s going on with your account. Tools like Money Management give you helpful visuals to budget for the short-term and create saving goals for the future.

Savings account

Start saving for next semester’s textbooks or life after college. It’s important to keep your checking and savings accounts separate to help you spend less because the funds in a savings account are stowed away and not linked to a debit card. Additionally, you can nickname your savings accounts in Online Banking and our mobile app1 to remind yourself of the savings goals you’re working toward, e.g. rent and monthly bills, a new car, a spring break getaway.


Online Banking and mobile app1

Take GECU with you wherever you go. On campus or at home, access your accounts using your laptop, tablet, or smartphone and bank without even making a trip to the branch. Mobile deposit, account transfers, and more are all a few taps away. You can even customize alerts to stay up to date on account activity and get reminders for upcoming payments.

Auto loans

In the market for a new ride? First time buying a car? No problem! We can help finance your new ride with little or no credit history. You’ll be rolling around campus (or visiting mom) in no time.

Credit cards

When used responsibly, credit cards can be beneficial to building your credit. Trust yourself and know you’re capable of staying on top of payments with the right tools. Earn rewards or just take advantage of a great, low rate with our lineup of cards. Whatever you're looking for, we have you covered.

Learn things you’ll use every day

We get it. While college aims to produce well-rounded students, it can sometimes be frustrating to learn information you don’t feel you’ll use past the end of the semester. Well, we have good news! Money is not one of those topics. Budgeting, credit cards, and investing all have associated skills that will serve you well now and in the future.

We have a range of free resources to help you learn those skills. Check out our Money Minutes blog, register for a complementary online webinar, or subscribe to our YouTube channel and view previous webinars on-demand.

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