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Congratulations! You’ve spent years planning and putting in the time, now it’s time to live it up.

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  • Solutions to give your retirement savings a boost
  • Resources tailored to your needs as a retiree
  • Friendly team members ready to assist you online or in person

You crossed the finish line into retirement, and now it’s time to reap the rewards of your years of dedicated work and saving. No matter how long you’ve been retired or where you’re at financially, GECU has the tools and resources you need to excel.

What’s in our retiree tool kit?

High-yield savings accounts

Our Money Market accounts are a fantastic way to earn higher dividends than a traditional savings account while maintaining access to funds when you need it. Plus, you can easily transfer funds from another bank or credit union.

Equity Rich Line of Credit (ERLOC)

Your home can be so much more than a roof over your head when you take advantage of the equity you’ve built. Our ERLOCs are available for a 10-year period with a 5-year repayment period. Do you have a lot of equity in your current home (e.g. more than you owe on your first mortgage)? If so, an ERLOC may make sense because you’ll have access to the equity, should you need it.


Fatten up your savings with a higher return. Put aside funds for a set term for a special project (new kitchen!) or event (anniversary trip!) and watch it grow.

Online Banking and our mobile app1

Securely stay on top of your money in the comfort of your home or wherever you may travel. Create and follow budgets, pay bills, transfer money, and more, all from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. All your banking needs are just a few taps away!

Branch services

In-person banking more your style? Schedule an appointment online in advance at your preferred GECU location. You can meet with a team member or utilize the self-service options, which can include free coin counting machines, ITMs, and more.

Credit cards

Feature-rich card options for the everyday and the extraordinary. Earn points for travel, merchandise, gift cards, and even charitable giving! Get rewarded for living life.

Legal Services

Whether you want guidance for estate planning or elder law, our attorney services are ready to address all your legal needs and find a resolution. Get the advice, counsel, and dedication you deserve.2

Investment Services

Boosting your retirement savings and making adjustments to existing plans is as important as ever. Our advisors, available through CFS, are here to help you navigate the options available and find the best fit for you.3

Auto loans

You finally have time for a joyride. Ready to buy a new set of wheels? Take advantage of a great rate for your new vehicle with a variety of term options and less fees.

Webinar series

We have webinars lined up throughout the year to help you map out your financial future. From estate planning to elder law, we cover the topics important to you!

Never stop learning

Ever heard the term ‘student of life’? It’s a philosophy focused on the idea of always learning, no matter your age. We provide you with the free resources you need to adopt this mindset. Visit our Money Minutes blog, register for a complementary online webinar, or check out our YouTube channel to view recorded webinars on-demand.

General Electric Credit Union is a full-service financial institution headquartered in Cincinnati with branches in Ohio and Kentucky.

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