Entering the workforce

Watch out world, here you come! Set yourself up for success with the right financial partner by your side. Rest assured, while you’re busy paving your way, we’ll handle the rest.

Climb the money ladder

  • Be savvy with your money from the start
  • Embrace money solutions that support your next stage in life
  • Get a helping hand when you need it

The world is your oyster! You’re done with school, and now you’re ready to work and make a living. Put your paycheck in a reliable financial institution that has your back. You’ll get the most out of your money with free tools to manage it and watch it grow. Whether you’re clocking in at a job site or in a corporate office setting, you deserve a financial partner that keeps your best interests at the forefront of everything they do. See what accounts and tools you have access to as a GECU member.

Tools for storing and building wealth

Savings account

There are many great reasons to save. The basics include: to grow your money, to achieve your goals, to secure a down payment, and to prepare for retirement. Overall, the importance can boil down to saving early and often allows you to make the most of life’s opportunities and retire with confidence. Take charge of your money and set aside funds for your future.

Checking account

You’re making money and paying bills. A checking account that’s accessible and easy to manage while on-the-go is important. Use Bill Pay1 to consolidate and pay your monthly bills in one place (and get alerts when payments are due!) and take advantage of eStatements to monitor and review your account history. Plus, save effortlessly using our Round-Up savings program2, which rounds up your debit card purchases to the nearest dollar and deposits the difference into a savings account of your choice!

Auto loans

Looking for a car to match your new gig? Whether that’s a truck or a sedan, we make the process easy with great rates, a variety of terms, and less fees than the other guy. Recent graduates can take advantage of our Graduate Auto Loan Program for help purchasing a vehicle at a reasonable rate.

Credit cards

Interested in receiving merchandise, gift cards, or cash-back for purchases? Maybe you just want a low rate to build your credit. No matter your preference, we have you covered with the best options for responsible spending with no annual fees.3


Interested in investing but wary about starting? Get guaranteed returns with a certificate. You can open one with as little as $500 and choose from a variety of terms. Want to learn more? Check out these common myths about certificates so you can make the best decision for your money!

Online Banking and our mobile app4

Enjoy our easy to use, top-rated mobile app featuring Mobile deposit, Debit Card Controls, customized alerts, Bill Pay, and a simply awesome Money Management tool that provides a holistic view of your finances and the ability to track and create goals and budgets.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

Facing a high-deductible health care plan? Get ahead by saving for qualified medical expenses with a tax-advantaged HSA. What makes ours better? There’s no monthly fee!

The learning never stops

While high school or college are behind you, the learning doesn’t stop there! It’s time to brush up on some money topics so you have the knowledge and skills to keep yourself in a good financial position throughout your career. We make doing that easy thanks to a number of free resources: our Money Minutes blog, complimentary online webinars, and on-demand webinars available on our YouTube channel.

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