Learning about money

It’s never too early to learn how to oversee your money. Whether you’re a parent teaching a child the value of a dollar, or you want to open your own first account, we’re here to help.

We help you get your
financial ducks in a row

  • Feature-rich accounts geared toward safely growing your savings
  • Hands-on control to easily monitor and manage your money
  • Free resources for learning about money

For many of us, saving money doesn’t come naturally. One way you can start building healthy savings habits is by setting a little bit of your hard-earned money aside from day one. Perhaps a 50/50 split of your birthday money, for example.


What you'll need

Savings account

Open your first account with as little as $5 and start saving for the future. Know your money is safe while you start establishing a solid savings foundation.

Checking account

Develop healthy daily spending habits with the variety of tools available through Simply Free Checking.


Getting an early start on saving pays off in the long run. A certificate is a smart option and allows you to take advantage of a higher rate than you would typically find with a standard savings account – plus guaranteed earnings! Once you have a base savings, consider a certificate for any funds you don’t need immediate access to and be rewarded for keeping it on deposit for a set timeframe.

Online Banking and our mobile app1

Managing and monitoring your money couldn’t be easier. With free Online Banking and mobile app access, you can keep an eye on your accounts to create healthy money habits. Debit Card Controls allow you to turn your card off should it be lost or stolen, set spending limits, and set up real-time alerts to stay in tune with card activity.

Knowledge check

It’s time to brush up on some money topics! GECU believes in Improving the Quality of Financial Lives, which is why we provide blog and video content for you to review on your schedule. Visit our Money Minutes blog for everyday tips and need-to-know information. Or, check out our complimentary webinars! Register for an upcoming session and join live or watch previously recorded webinars anytime from our YouTube channel. With this library of knowledge, learning about money is a victory anyone can reach.

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