The future is an exciting place. Build long-term security with an account that gives you all the tools needed to watch your money grow.

A secure way to grow funds
for your dreams

  • Enjoy no monthly fees or minimum balance requirements
  • Transfer money to your savings account(s) on a schedule that suits you
  • Access to nearly 100K free ATMs nationwide1

Maybe you want to buy something big. Go somewhere special. Do something extraordinary. Or maybe you just want to be ready for anything life throws your way. We offer simple account options with no minimum balance requirements and no monthly fees so you can take aim at your financial goals and stay in full control of your savings journey.

Put your savings on autopilot when you set up direct deposit or automatic transfers from another account and enjoy rich features like our Money Management budgeting tool for free. Building your emergency fund while also saving for a new car? You have the option to open as many savings accounts as you want to keep your goals separate.

You want options, we deliver them

Use these savvy savings tools to watch your money grow

All our savings accounts include:

Tip: Calculate your accurate savings insurance by using the NCUA e-calculator!

General Electric Credit Union is a full-service financial institution headquartered in Cincinnati with branches in Ohio and Kentucky.

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