Money market accounts

Ready. Set. Grow. Our Money Market Accounts give your savings extra momentum when you need it most. Whether your goal's finishline is fast approaching or far off, you'll earn more off your balance than in a traditional savings account. 

Shift your savings strategy into a higher gear

  • Enjoy better rates than traditional savings accounts
  • Access funds easily whenever you need them
  • Increase your earnings potential with a tiered rate structure

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Thrive Money Market

Every day and experienced savers alike can benefit from accounts that offer higher returns without a long-term commitment.

IRA Money Market

Set aside savings for the next chapter of your life with a tax-advantaged IRA Money Market account. (IRA Money Market accounts cannot be opened online)

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Money Minutes Blog

Harness Better Earnings with a Business Money Market Account

When it comes to managing business finances, entrepreneurs need accounts that balance growth potential, security, and liquidity. Business money market accounts check all these boxes and then some, which is why they’re a go-to savings tool for businesses.

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Safeguard Your Finances with a Money Market Account

When it comes to saving, security is a top priority. Money Market accounts are often touted as a secure option for storing and growing funds. 

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3 Misconceptions About High-Yield Savings Accounts

When interest rates increase, it can affect your financial life in several ways – some good, some bad. One silver lining is that financial institutions often increase their deposit rates in response to rate hikes. 

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