Low risk. High return. Maximize your savings when you set aside extra money in a GECU Certificate.

Ready, set, grow

  • No minimum deposit
  • Competitive rates
  • Guaranteed returns

Our high-yield certificates offer guaranteed returns and put your savings on autopilot. Just choose your term and let your certificate go to work for you.

  • Terms options ranging from 3-Months to 5-Years
  • No minimum deposit requirement (with the exception of our Jumbo Certificates)
  • Federally insured up to $250,000 by the NCUA


Term Minimum Balance Rate APY
3-Month Certificate $0.01 3.93% 4.00%
6-Month Certificate $0.01 4.41% 4.50%
9-Month Certificate $0.01 4.41% 4.50%
11-Month No-Penalty Certificate* $0.01 4.17% 4.25%
1-Year Certificate $0.01 4.60% 4.70%
18-Month Certificate $0.01 4.22% 4.30%
2-Year Certificate $0.01 4.12% 4.20%
3-Year Certificate $0.01 3.93% 4.00%
5-Year Certificate $0.01 3.78% 3.85%

Jumbo Certificates1

Term Minimum Balance Rate APY
1-Year Jumbo Certificate $100,000 4.84% 4.95%
2-Year Jumbo Certificate $100,000 4.31% 4.40%

Bump Certificates2

Term Minimum Balance Rate APY
3-Year Bump Certificate $0.01 3.59% 3.65%
3-Year IRA/HSA Bump Certificate $0.01 3.60% 3.65%
5-Year Bump Certificate $0.01 3.45% 3.50%
5-Year IRA Bump Certificate $0.01 3.45% 3.50%

You're in good hands

General Electric Credit Union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Association (NCUA). Because of this, the NCUA insures your funds with the Credit Union up to $250,000 per accountholder and per ownership category. Not sure if your accounts fall under this umbrella? Use the NCUA share insurance estimator to determine if you're covered – or if there's a gap that needs to be addressed. 

If any of your funds fall outside of NCUA insurance, contact a GECU team member to discuss strategies to expand your coverage. 

Three easy ways to open a certificate

General Electric Credit Union is a full-service financial institution headquartered in Cincinnati with branches in Ohio and Kentucky.

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