• July 17, 2023
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Tax-Free Weekend: Deals for Back-to-School Shopping and Beyond

Inflation has parents preparing to spend more on back-to-school gear and the general population shelling out extra on both needs and wants. If price hikes left your summer feeling a bit deflated, Ohio’s Tax-Free Weekend is here to offer some relief. This year, the holiday is August 4th through August 6th. Review the FAQs below so you’re ready to shop, swipe your credit card, and enjoy your tax-free items.

FAQ about this year’s tax-free weekend

What items qualify?

Clothing items that are $75 or less qualify for the tax holiday. Ohio classifies an item as clothing so long as it’s suitable for general use by a person (sorry, no pet costumes for Fido or Fluffy). Whether you need a new pair of pants or diapers for little ones, you can get it tax-free.

There are some exclusions: protective or sports equipment, clothing accessories, and more do not qualify.
School supplies is another big category to take advantage of. Items $20 or less are included, such as: book bags, notebooks, calculators, and other school staples.

Teachers can take advantage of the holiday, too (after a challenging couple of years, you guys deserve the savings!). Qualifying instructional material includes: workbooks, maps and globes, reference books, and textbooks. The item must cost $20 or less.

Can I purchase more than one item in the same transaction?

Yes! The sales tax exemption is item by item. See the example below for a $200 clothing purchase:

  • Shirt ($50) – sales tax exempt
  • Diapers ($50) – sales tax exempt
  • Pants ($100) – not exempt (over the $75 threshold)

Even if your pricey pants don’t qualify, you can still score some points or cash back using your credit card.

If my item costs more, does the first portion qualify?

Unfortunately, no. If, for example, you have a clothing item that’s $100, the first $75 doesn’t qualify for the sales tax exemption. Remember: clothing items must be $75 or under, and school supplies and instructional materials must be $20 or under to qualify.

Can a purchase be split?

Nope! Whether it’s a pair of shoes or a pair of earrings, if items are commonly sold together, they have to be rung up as a pair. The item will only qualify if it falls under the sales price threshold (e.g. flip flops under $75).

If you have more questions about Ohio’s tax-free weekend, refer to the Ohio Department of Taxation’s website. Have questions about credit cards? We can handle that! Whether you’re a current GECU cardholder or you’re interested in opening an account, one of our friendly team members is happy to assist you. Contact us online or pay us a visit at your local branch (skip the lines by scheduling an appointment in advance!).

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