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At General Electric Credit Union (GECU), we believe in having full transparency with our members and the communities we serve. Our CEO, Tim Ballinger, accomplishes this by sharing the latest news and events here at Cincinnati’s best credit union.

July 1, 2022

Moving into the second half of 2022, all of us at the Credit Union are excited about the many projects and initiatives in the works which are designed to take the Credit Union to new heights. I am proud that, after nearly 70 years, we now serve more than 200,000 members and over the past several years, have continually been named the best credit union in Cincinnati. It’s truly a great time for you, as a member-owner of this first-rate financial institution, and I appreciate the opportunity to Improve the Quality of Your Financial Life. 

Looking at our current environment, the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates faster than it has in years to control post-pandemic inflation. We’re adapting and introducing new opportunities to best position you for the rising rate environment, while providing options to safely maximize your earning potential. We have expanded our deposit product portfolio and are continually evaluating our rates. As we anticipate additional changes later this year, we will continue in this same manner to ensure we’re providing relevant, sought-after financial solutions. 

Additional initiatives include an “all in” approach as we’re developing our team members for their professional and personal growth. I appreciate each hardworking, dedicated GECU team member as they are driven to meet evolving needs while also finding solutions to make it easier for you to do business with us. With the perpetual expansion of a growing team, we’re emphasizing the importance of our Core Values (Honesty, Accountability, Teamwork, and Solutions-Focus) and being One Team Moving Forward Together. We stress knowing our Core Values as they serve as our unifying force defining what you can expect of us each and every day, and what we expect of each other in our interactions. Additionally, we encourage our team members to celebrate their own personal values, empowering them to create memorable experiences along the way. 

Other projects we’ve been planning include more locations, making us more accessible. I’m pleased to announce we have officially secured our first west side location on Harrison Avenue. We will have more to share with you in the coming months about this and potential other locations as we grow our presence in the tristate. 

Caring about people is central to everything we do. As mentioned, we care about doing our best for you through providing sought-after, needed products and excellent service, and by developing our team members. This also speaks to our role in supporting our local communities. In addition to our GECU Cares program, GECU’s Sponsorship Committee facilitates these efforts by aligning with organizations whose mission, vision, and purpose align with our own, including: The Alzheimer’s Association, Brighton Center, The Cure Starts Now, the Anthony Munoz Foundation, the Hearing Speech and Deaf Center, and Reach Out Lakota.  

There’s more to come. We will continue to share the great efforts we’re embarking on as we go along. On behalf of the entire Credit Union, thank you for your continued membership and being on this journey with us – and for telling your friends and family about the GECU member experience, and that they too, can be members. 

Tim Ballinger
President and CEO

General Electric Credit Union is a full-service financial institution headquartered in Cincinnati with branches in Ohio and Kentucky.

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