• April 5, 2023
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The 3 Best Times to Use a Debit Card

A debit card is a vital piece of your financial tool kit. It gives you immediate access to your checking account funds whether you’re using them for an in-person, online, or in-app purchase. They can even be added to a digital wallet for enhanced security at checkout. But are there situations in which using a debit card makes more sense than other options in your wallet? 

When to reach for a debit card 

1. When you’re shopping small

Some small businesses don’t accept credit cards or have a credit card minimum due to the fees associated with accepting this payment method. Because of this, it’s wise to keep a debit card on hand when shopping at a small business. 

2. When you’re in debt

Credit card debt can quickly spiral out of control – especially when you carry over a balance on a high-rate card, like a store credit card. While you don’t have to write off borrowing funds indefinitely, it may be wise to reach for a debit card until you have a handle on debt. This way you’re only spending money that you have readily available. Just make sure to check your balance before making a purchase to avoid overdrawing your account. 

3. When you need cash

Whether you’re at a neighborhood festival or the salon, sometimes you just need cash – and a debit card is the best way to access it! The top credit unions have a wide network of free ATMs to keep your funds in reach. Plus, Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) give you greater flexibility by allowing you to withdraw cash in denominations of $1. 

Your GECU debit card is the key to accessing your checking account funds. Keep it at the top of your wallet for situations like the above. Then, use our free Online Banking or top-rated mobile app1 to check your balance, review transaction history, and much more! Whenever you need cash, use our online ATM locator to see which of our nearly 100,000 in-network ATMs are closest to you.

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