• March 1, 2021
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Looking for a New Job? Embrace These Popular Job Search Platforms

With a wealth of job search platforms available to you, it can be difficult to decide where to start digging for opportunity. To determine where you should initially break ground during your job search, you must first become familiar with the options at your disposal. Read on to learn more about these platforms, as well as other opportunities to expand outside your current network.

Prepare for the search

To start, pick a couple of platforms to regularly update and conduct your search through. This helps to limit the amount of resumes you must update and keeps your information consistent and well-organized. You should check in and update your resume on your desired networking sites every other week to ensure all information is accurate and current. Doing so also keeps your resume active and increases your visibility on networking sites, allowing more recruiters to find you. To stay organized, you can make a list to track when and where you update your resume. Then, you will easily know when it’s time for a refresh.

Familiarize yourself with the top job search tools

So, what social networking sites should you invest your time in? Take a look at a few of the resources many jobseekers utilize today. Each will give you brief insight on features and other qualities to help you determine which sites might be best for you:

  • LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a platform that helps manage your professional identity. You can build and engage with your professional network as well as access available job opportunities – everything in one place. You can upload your resume, make connections, toggle with features to let employers know you are actively seeking a position, search for open positions, and post professional statuses. Website: linkedin.com
  • Monster. Monster is a search engine built with powerful technology aiming to match the right job opportunities with the right people. This is a simple tool used to browse by job title, company, city, or state. Monster’s large bandwidth helps provide multiple, varying openings. It is also used by employers and has extremely high traffic. Meaning, job openings are continuously updated. It’s also beneficial to know Monster typically hosts more entry-level positions. 
  • Indeed. Indeed is similar to Monster as they both have an extremely large bandwidth, high traffic, and employers are actively using these sites. Jobs can be searched based on many different preferences: remote, location, salary, job-type, experience level, and much more. 
  • CareerBuilder. CareerBuilder has a simple interface and is best for someone who may not have a concrete idea of what they want in a position. Jobs are categorized by title making it easy to browse positions and select the ones appealing to you. You can then set location and see search results in your area. 
  • Glassdoor. While you can search for open positions through Glassdoor, there are also insights on salary and company culture. Glassdoor also has useful interview tips and reviews from former employees. 

While the platforms listed above are currently the most popular platforms being used by jobseekers, there is still a wide variety of other options. For example, there are platforms dedicated to certain industries, so jobseekers can view positions relevant to their career and desired field (i.e. WorkInSports, CommArts, etc.).

Another simple way to broaden your network and secure employment faster is by attending career fairs. These events provide attendees with an opportunity to practice networking and test the waters in the local job market. The goal of a recruiter at a career fair is to look for talent, but it’s important to note they will likely not offer you a job on the spot. To make the most of your career fair experience, aim to collect 10-12 relevant contacts. Don’t be afraid to ask for business cards! Use these to send follow ups, set up informational interviews, and more. The career fair is all about creating relationships, and relationships can sometimes lead to a recommendation for an open position.

While the ultimate goal of attending a career fair is to find a job for you, consider helping out a friend who is also searching for the right position. Remember, we’re all in this together, and someone may return the favor by connecting you with someone that advances your search.

To learn further tips and tricks when it comes to utilizing these platforms, as well as other job search tactics, visit our Take Your Job Search to the X-Level Webinar Series playlist on Youtube to access past webinar recordings including Finding Potential Job Opportunities.

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