• March 25, 2024
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Spring Cleaning, Furniture Bank Day, & You!

As the weather begins to warm up and the flowers start to bloom, people often think about spring cleaning. Most would be surprised to learn there is an official National Cleaning Week in March. This year National Cleaning Week kicks off on Sunday, March 24th. The purpose of the week is to reinforce the importance, value, and positive impact cleaning has on public health and the environment. According to Psychology Today, organizing and decluttering can relieve stress. When our homes and workspaces have more things than we can manage, life can feel chaotic and out of control. In other words, sometimes the “mess” in our lives causes stress!

However, getting started often feels overwhelming. There are several strategies which can help you dive into these daunting tasks. Whether you choose to tackle spring cleaning by going from room to room or focusing on a specific area such as a closet or pantry, working in small spaces builds momentum and motivation; you will feel energized and have a sense of satisfaction when you see immediate results in an organized, clean space. Rearranging and moving décor is also an excellent way to refresh an area; in addition, during the cleaning and organizing process, you may decide to donate outdated furniture or unused items to reduce clutter. Read on to learn about a local organization that can put your items to good use!

As National Cleaning Week begins, another unofficial holiday, Furniture Bank Day, is celebrated in Columbus, Ohio on Monday, March 25th. This day recognizes how furniture banks contribute to communities, raises awareness about their missions, and educates others about the ways these organizations serve those in need; GECU is proud to partner with New Life Furniture Bank (NLFB), a local non-profit and one of our 2024 Giveback Partners. This organization is the only furniture bank serving the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Dayton areas. NLFB provides new and gently used furniture and household items to individuals and families overcoming devastating personal circumstances including domestic violence, homelessness, and extreme poverty, with an understanding that a home is more than just four walls.

When your spring cleaning is finished and you’re unsure what to do with the items you no longer want or need, we have a solution! NLFB is always in need of furniture donations to continue their good work and further their mission; you can even schedule a time to have items picked up at your convenience. 

NLFB will ensure your gently used bedroom, dining room, living room, outdoor furniture, and other household items find a new home. The organization also runs the NLFB Thrift Store in Sharonville; all store proceeds fund their mission. In 2022, New Life Furniture Bank furnished nearly 2,000 households and delivered over 27,000 pieces of donated furniture. Donations of clothing, home décor, household items/appliances, and other accessories are always accepted.

Anytime you’re cleaning throughout the year, keep NLFB in mind. The organization is not just furnishing homes, but they also symbolize hope, dignity, and a fresh start for their clients. With a kitchen table to eat at, a sofa for a family to gather on, beds to sleep in, and other basic, household items, your generous donations transform empty spaces into livable, stylish homes, furniture that might otherwise end up as waste. Make your cleaning, decluttering, organizing, or redecorating a little easier this spring. New Life Furniture Bank can give your furniture a new life and a family a second chance.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about National Cleaning Week and New Life Furniture Bank.
If you work with or volunteer at New Life Furniture Bank, tell us about it 
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