• May 17, 2022
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Streamline Your Monthly Bills with Bill Pay

Are you still receiving bills and sending off payments in your mailbox? From water to electricity, cable, gas, and more, that’s a lot of envelope licking. Or, maybe you’ve adopted online payments but forget your login credentials to multiple sites every month without fail. There’s an easier way, and it’s Bill Pay!1 This online tool consolidates all your eBills under one login, making the process simple, convenient, and secure. Learn the many benefits of Bill Pay and how it works in this quick guide. 

Perks a plenty 

1. Cost savings

Have you ever been hit with a late fee? It’s like rubbing salt in a wound. Avoid this frustrating situation by setting up custom alerts in Bill Pay to notify you when a bill’s due date is near. Or opt for automatic, recurring payments to put the whole process on autopilot. 

2. Security

Paying bills online can actually lower your risk of fraud and identity theft. Sending payments by mail usually means stuffing a check in an envelope and placing it in your mailbox. Criminals can steal this outgoing mail, remove the original ink from the check, and re-write it for a much higher amount. This is known as check washing, which you can learn more about on the United States Postal Inspection Service’s website. 

Or, criminals may simply scan your outgoing mail for personal, account, or banking information they’ll then use in an attempt to steal your identity. Bill Pay ensures all of this information is password protected and inaccessible to criminals. 

3. Time 

While you must pay bills, that doesn’t mean you have to spend hours logging into multiple websites to make online payments or sit down for half an hour licking envelopes. Instead, Bill Pay consolidates all your bills under one login. Simply login and cover all your bases in a matter of minutes. 


First, login to Online Banking or our mobile app Once in Bill Pay, add the companies and people you want to pay – called “payees.” Next, sign up for eBills – if offered by your payee – and go to the Payment Center in Bill Pay. There, you will see all the payees you’ve added. To pay a bill, simply enter the payment amount and the pay date, which is when the payee will receive the funds. There’s an option to select a date from the calendar, allowing you to set up payments in advance.

Bill Pay is available at no cost to General Electric Credit Union (GECU) members with a checking account or Health Savings Account (HSA) who are enrolled in Online Banking or our mobile app. Want a demo? Visit our Bill Pay page for a virtual walk through. Still have questions? Message us through Secure Chat in Online Banking or our mobile app. 

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