• September 27, 2022
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Don’t Miss Out on the Benefits of Direct Deposit

96% of U.S. workers get their paychecks via direct deposit.1 This fully automated transaction method means you don’t have to wait for a paper check to arrive before accessing your hard-earned money – but the benefits don’t end there. Use this guide to understand the myriad of ways direct deposit will give your financial well-being a boost, and how to set it up! 

The benefits


Direct deposit keeps things hands-free. You can go about your business while paychecks pop up in the account of your choosing. 

If you still receive paper checks, you’ll need to take some extra steps to access the money. Once it arrives, you can use mobile check deposit, visit a branch and deposit the check with help from a teller, or use an Interactive Teller Machine (ITM) to make envelope-free deposits on your schedule. 


Because direct deposit is automatic, your money will always arrive in your account on time. On the flip side, physical, paper checks must make the journey to your mailbox. Any hiccups along the way can mean it won’t arrive when anticipated. This can make budgeting more difficult and may even leave you without the funds needed to pay bills on time.  


Unfortunately, scammers sometimes use the mail system to pull your personal information and use it for illicit activities. Recently, Blue Ash police arrested individuals involved in a check washing scheme. The criminals stole mail from local residences, including some envelops that contained checks. 

Avoid a similar situation by setting up direct deposit. Criminals can’t get their hands on your money because it’s automatically placed in a secure savings or checking account

Getting started 

Your employer will give you a direct deposit form to complete. You’ll have to provide some personal information, including your address and social security number, to authorize set up. As well, the form will ask for both the account number you want money deposited into, and the routing number of your financial institution. General Electric Credit Union’s (GECU) routing number is 2420-7682-1 (for future reference, this is always listed in the gold banner at the bottom of every page of our website). If you’re a GECU member, you can look up savings and checking account numbers through:    

  • Online Banking. From the homepage, click the hyperlinked name of the account you want to access. Then, select the drop-down carrot “Account Details” to view the number. 
  • Mobile app. From the main screen, tap the account you want to access. Then, click the “Details” option below your account balance. 
  • Statements/eStatements. Your full account number will be listed on the statements and eStatements sent by GECU. 
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