• May 6, 2024
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Ready for a Vacation? Learn 6 Ways to Lower the Cost

According to a study published by Going, 25% of respondents worry they won’t be able to travel in 2024 due to a lack of funds.1 While it’s important to consider your financial situation, you may be surprised by how affordable a quick trip can be. You don’t have to splurge on an all-inclusive or take the red eye to some far-off destination. When the cost of everything is up, consider these ways to cut costs so you don’t have to sacrifice some much-needed time away. 

How to lower the cost of vacation

1. Take a staycation

A staycation is leisure time spent within one's local area rather than traveling to distant destinations. During a staycation, you and your family can engage in activities typically associated with vacations, such as relaxation, recreation, and entertainment, but without the need to travel far from home. This is a fantastic option for families with especially tight budgets. 

There are many destinations a short drive from Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Yellow Springs is nestled in the picturesque Miami Valley near Dayton. At less than two hours from Cincinnati, this quaint village is a great option for a day trip. From unique shops to scenic hiking trails, there are many ways to spend a fun-filled day. 

2. Compare booking sites

If you’re willing to budget for accommodations somewhere near or far, it’s best to check different booking sites. You may see the same listing featured on multiple sites for varying prices. This will allow you to snag a hotel or other type of accommodation for less—money that can be reallocated to other parts of the trip. Even $50 less could pay for a round of mini golf for the whole family! 

3. Use credit card points

Make your money work for you with credit card points! You’ll earn points for purchases you were going to make anyway, such as groceries or gas. If you’re interested in potentially covering the price of a plane ticket or lowering the overall cost of a hotel stay, look for a credit card with points you can redeem for travel expenses or activities.

4. Search for entertainment deals

OK, so you know where you want to go, but what about what you want to do once you get there? From hiking to food tours, there are many excursions available to you once you reach your destination.

Create an itinerary in advance so you don’t book an overpriced option at the last minute. In the weeks leading up to your vacation, peruse listing sites such as Groupon to spot good deals on activities in the area. Sign up for a credit card with reward points you can cash in for entertainment.

5. Limit dining out

If food isn’t the main focus of your travels, consider eating in a few nights of your vacation! Many vacation rental properties come with an eat-in kitchen to whip up tasty meals for you and your travel companions.

6. Pack light

If you feel comfortable enough to fly, pack light. Many airlines allow you to bring one carry on for free. Avoid paying for a checked bag by using something like a duffel bag, backpack, or slim suitcase compact enough to fit in overhead compartments. Leave some room for any souvenirs you acquire along your travels.

Get the most out of your vacation by planning ahead and cutting costs. In doing so, you’ll return home with less post-travel financial stress. If you’re ready for a points-based credit card, GECU offers two attractive options: Our Visa Signature® card lets you earn 2x the points everywhere, all the time; Our Platinum card offers 3x back for U.S. supermarkets and wholesale clubs, 2x for gas, and 1x for other purchases.3 Points from both cards can be redeemed for travel-related expenses and excursions. 

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