• December 7, 2017
  • Posted by General Electric Credit Union
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The Holidays Aren’t Just for Spending

While shopping may be on the brain this holiday season, don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a little selfish and set aside funds for yourself.

Consider investing in yourself by giving the gift that keeps on giving. By putting aside even a small amount in savings, you can begin to earn a higher return on your money. Below are a few easy ways to get started and save during the holidays with General Electric Credit Union (GECU).

Reevaluate your checking account

Is your checking causing more harm than good? So many of us have had the same checking account for years when there may be a better option out there. If you’re paying extra fees to keep your account open or for falling below a minimum balance, it’s time to trade up to a better option. Find an account with no fees and all the perks to get started on the right foot for the new year.

Maximize your money with a certificate

If you have funds in a savings account you don’t have a need for in the near future, consider moving them to a certificate to increase your earnings. Whether you’re setting aside money for a specific event or just want your savings to grow faster, you can open certificates with as little as $500 at GECU. Compare rates and term options at different financial institutions to find the best option for you.

Bump up your savings account

Take advantage of a higher return with our Thrive Money Market Account. Our money market account gives you access to funds when you need it and a higher return on your balance with a tiered-rate option.

Spending is inevitable during the holidays and while saving may not seem feasible, start somewhere small by spending less on credit card interest rates. Open a low-interest credit card so you can save money in the long run and open a higher-earning account.

Don’t forget to fit yourself into your budget this season. Get a jump-start on the new year by opening a GECU account with a higher return and watching your savings grow over time.

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