• February 26, 2024
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Getting the Most Out of Your GECU Checking Account

For GECU members, the plastic they use to access their checking account funds unlocks many perks. Whether you already have a Simply Free, Choice, or Amplified High-Yield checking account or you’re ready to become a member and open one, knowing what these perks are will help you get the most out of your checking account and debit card. 

Features of your GECU checking account 

1. Online Banking and our mobile app 

Manage your account at your fingertips with secure Online Banking or our top-rated mobile app!1 You have the flexibility to transfer funds, check your balance, track spending, and more 24/7/365. 

2. Early Pay

The only thing better than getting your paycheck is getting it early! All GECU checking accounts automatically come with Early Pay2 so you can enjoy ACH payments—including direct deposits—up to two days sooner! This gives you quicker access to your money, whether you want to square away bills early or jump on an exciting purchase. 

3. ATM and ITM access

Fee-free cash is just around the corner with your GECU debit card. Use our online ATM locator to see which of our nearly 100,000 free ATMs is nearest to you.3 Some are even at popular retail locations you frequent, like Target, CVS, Walgreens, and more! 

Additionally, visit an Interactive Teller Machine (ITM), available at all GECU locations, to unlock features that go beyond an ATM. For example, ATMs only allow you to view one checking or savings account at a time, while inserting your GECU debit card into an ITM gives you a 360° view of all your accounts. Transfer money between accounts, make loan or credit card payments, and more 24/7/365 (even when we’re closed). 

4. Zelle® 

Zelle®4 is a fast, safe, and easy way to send money to friends, family, and other people you know and trust, wherever they bank. Whether you’re paying rent, gifting money, or splitting the cost of a bill, Zelle® has you covered.

5. Round-Up 

Pad your savings efforts by enrolling in Round-Up!5 Every time you use your GECU debit card, the total cost of your purchase is rounded up to the next dollar and we’ll transfer the change  into the GECU savings account of your choice. We’ll even reward you for saving by matching your rounded up funds by 5% each month—that’s up to $350 a year in free money! 

6. Bill Pay 

Streamline your monthly payments and protect your personal information with Bill Pay!6 Available in Online Banking or our mobile app, this technology consolidates all your eBills into one convenient dashboard. Plus, cutting back on out-going paper mail will keep sensitive information out of the mailbox—and away from prying hands! 

Experience perks and benefits galore with a GECU checking account. Slide your debit card into the top of your wallet or link it to the digital wallet of your choice to enjoy even more convenience and account security.7

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