• June 7, 2023
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Mobile and Online Banking: Game Changers for Checking Account Management

Checking account management is simple with GECU’s Online Banking and mobile app.1 Both provide access to a wide range of capabilities in addition to free resources that keep you on track and improve your financial life. From everyday transfers to Bill Pay and Money Management, there’s so much to explore – all on your personal devices!

3 reasons to use mobile and online banking 

1. Convenience 

Convenience is one of the leading advantages of mobile and online banking. They allow you to do many of the tasks you used to have to visit a branch to complete, like submitting a loan payment, transferring funds, and more. Plus, they keep a wealth of financial information at your fingertips. You can review transactions made on your debit card in real time instead of waiting for a statement in the mail. 

Certain features, like Bill Pay, further streamline your finances by consolidating all your eBills under one login.2 They’re all right there, so you don’t have to spend hours logging into multiple sites or mailing out checks. Simply link your GECU checking account and square away bills in a matter of minutes.  

You can also access your FICO® Score for free through Online Banking or our mobile app. Knowing your score can help you gauge whether there’s room for improvement, strategize future borrowing opportunities, and even make you aware of fraudulent activity. 

2. Security 

Our Online Banking and mobile app platforms are designed with account security in mind. They utilize multi-factor authentication for layered account protection. But the safeguards don’t end there! Some additional tools and features include: 

  • Debit Card Controls. Set spending limits, restrict purchase types (such as online shopping, and turn your debit card ON/OFF). 
  • eStatements. In addition to reviewing your transaction history, you can also keep tabs on your checking account with eStatements. By opting out of paper you will not only save resources, but also reduce your susceptibility to account fraud.
  • Secure Chat. Contact our Member Support Team via Secure Chat for any of your checking account needs, like opting into our Round-Up program.

3. Accessibility 

With Online Banking and our mobile app, you can manage your checking account on your schedule. Whether it’s a holiday or you’re out of town, you’ll maintain access 24/7/365. That means transferring funds between GECU accounts, depositing a check, budgeting with Money Management, and so much more with complete flexibility.  

Test drive Online Banking to see its capabilities for yourself. When ready, enroll to use it in minutes. If you’re interested in banking from your phone, you can also use your device’s app store to search for and download the GECU mobile app. 

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