Real Estate Services

Get important, money-saving advice on selling or buying a home from our real estate professionals.

Selling or buying a home? Lean on us

  • Navigate the home buying process with ease
  • Connect with professionals who know the Cincinnati market
  • Access MLS listings and receive alerts so you can act quickly

You’re finally ready to get out of your current home and into something new. Or, you’re a first-time homebuyer ready to leave renting behind. Where do you start? Real estate transactions can be confusing and stressful for many people. Luckily for our members, our support doesn’t stop with securing a mortgage loan. You also have access to Real Estate Services! Let our professionals walk you through the complexities of selling and buying a home.

They will help you with:

  • Selling your house yourself.
  • Selling your house at the lowest possible cost to you.
  • Listing your house with MLS and providing realtor services at a lower cost.
  • Finding your next dream house, and much more!

Questions to ask yourself

How much house can you afford?

Using the same guidelines as most banks and credit unions, we'll help you determine how much house you can really afford. This information takes the anxiety out of the loan and home selection process. You can even get pre-approved for your mortgage loan, making you a more attractive buyer.

What area are you considering?

Location, location, location. Real Estate Services has comprehensive neighborhood information, including past sale history, school information, and neighborhood profiles to help you make an informed choice on a property for sale.

Are you building a home?

Building a home is a unique experience that comes with a wealth of things to keep in mind. Having someone in your corner who understands this process is invaluable. We can give you information about quality construction and other helpful hints before you break ground.

Give us a ring

To find out more please contact our Mortgage team at: 513.577.8981.

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