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General Electric Credit Union


Save while you spend! 

Round up each debit card purchase to the nearest dollar, then transfer the excess amount to your savings account. 

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Round-up savings program

What is Round-Up?

Turn every debit card transaction into a savings opportunity with the Round-Up savings! Every time you use your GECU debit card, we’ll round your purchase up to the nearest whole dollar and transfer that amount from your checking account to the GECU savings account of your choice. Plus, each month we will match 5% of those rounded-up funds up to $350 a year!1

It’s as easy as buying a cup of coffee. When you spend $3.65 at the coffee shop around the corner, the remaining $0.35 will be deposited into your chosen GECU account. If you buy a cup of coffee every day, you will have added $127.75 to your savings account at the end of the year. Plus, with our 5% match, we will deposit an additional $6.38, bringing your total saved to $134.13.

Watch the Savings Add Up

Sign up for Round-Up today and start adding to your savings account every time you swipe your debit card. Whether you are saving for a rainy day or your next vacation, with Round-Up, the choice is yours! While it may not seem like much at first, you will quickly see that extra change add up!

Spend happily and save wisely!

To enroll in Round-Up, you'll need a GECU checking account, then simply contact us and let us know you'd like to participate. 




1Round-Up is only available for Simply Free, Choice, and Amplified High-Yield Checking accounts. Funds will be added to member’s chosen GECU savings or money market account; excluding Certificates, IRAs, or IRA Money Market accounts. Match will be paid on eligible funds at the end of the month with an annual match limit up to $350; reportable on IRS Form 1099.

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