Google Pay™

Google Pay is a quick, contactless, and secure way to pay everyday – pay at millions of retailers, in your favorite apps, and thousands of websites.

A safe way to make
everyday purchases

  • Protect your card details and personal information
  • Use Find My Device to disable Google Pay if your device is lost or stolen
  • Authenticate every purchase with your pin, fingerprint, or unique pattern

As an Android™ user, pay with your phone at more than 1 million stores across the U.S. Load your GECU credit and debit card(s) to Google Pay for a simple and secure way to make everyday purchases.

Add your card

 Step 1: Download the app  Step 2: Add your GECU credit and debit card Step 3: Pay confidently and contactless at millions of retailers
Download the Google Pay app. To add your card to the Google Pay app, tap Add a payment method. Snap a photo of the front of your card and follow the prompts to complete the set up. If you're asked to verify your payment method, choose an option from the list and enter the verification code. Set up takes a few moments to complete and you'll be on your way.

How to use Google Pay 

You can use your GECU credit and debit card(s) with Google Pay at many of your favorite businesses.

  1. Look for the Google Pay symbol online or in app checkout or hold your phone near the contactless reader when it’s time to pay.
  2. Send or request money to/from friends or start a group to share expenses, such as: rent, dinner, and more.
  3. Use Google Pay through your Google Account to make purchases on Google Play. 
  4. Earn cash back and rewards. Just tap the Explore icon to view available offers.

Privacy and security built into every payment 

When you use Google Pay, rest assured:

  • Your full card number and identity are never shared with the merchant. Google Pay uses a Virtual Account Number that protects your payment info. 
  • If your phone is lost or stolen, use Google’s Find My Device to remotely lock it, log out of your Google account, or erase your data. 
  • When you use Google Pay, you’ll be required to authenticate every purchase with a pin, pattern, or biometric technology, meaning no one but you can make payments. 
  • The same credit and debit card fraud protection carries over to Google Pay.

Find out more about Google Pay

For more information about Google Pay, compatible devices, and where Google Pay is accepted, visit:

Google Pay FAQs

• Android™ device with OS KitKat or higher
 • Google™ account
 • Screen lock enabled (i.e. pin, fingerprint, or pattern)

No. Be aware that message and data rates may apply, depending on your data plan.

You can use Google Pay at participating merchants in stores or online and in participating merchant apps. View the list of merchants and apps on the Google Pay site.

You can use any GECU credit or debit card with Google Pay.

The first card you add to Google Pay will automatically become your default card. To change your default, do the following:
 • Open Google Pay.
 • Tap on the card you wish to set as your default to get the “back of card” view.
 • Select Set as default card.

To return something you purchased in-store with Google Pay, simply wake and unlock your device and hold the back to the contactless payment terminal. For some returns, you might be asked for the last 4 digits of your device account number. You can find your device account number on the card details screen in your Google Pay app.

Please contact a GECU team member immediately to let us know. You should also mention that you added your GECU credit or debit card to Google Pay. We can cancel your card, order a new one, and deactivate your card in Google Pay to ensure there is no unauthorized use of your card.

If your Android device is lost or stolen, you can find, lock, and erase it using Android Device Manager. You should also contact your mobile service provider and a GECU team member to deactivate your card in the device. Please refer to the Android website for more information about the Android Device Manager.

For any questions about Google Pay, visit the Google Pay Help Center. There, you can request a call from an agent, send an email, or chat with an agent on your device.

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