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General Electric Credit Union

Debt Management Assistance

Life happens. Choose a partner with your best interest in mind.

Your financial situation doesn’t have to be overwhelming; you just need to know where to turn.

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We can help manage your debit with our Debt Management Assistance program

You’re not alone.

Are you struggling to make your monthly payments? Overspending? Have you had unexpected situations occur, such as a lost job or medical issues? Many people face a financial crisis at some point in their lives. Getting on track with your finances can seem challenging, but often, it can be overcome. 

We can help.

Our Debt Management assistance program can help you get your finances back on track and reduce the unwanted stress in your life. Spend time with our professionals to analyze your situation, review your credit report, and discuss your options. And, if the best option is to work with a professional debt management company, we are partnered with a trusted, local company.

Services they provide to our members at no cost are:

  • Perform debt analysis and create personalized budgets
  • Consolidate debt and reduce interest rates
  • Improve your credit score
  • Stop harassing calls
  • Prevent fees and avoid bankruptcy
  • Determine needs for their debt management program 

If you're feeling overwhelmed with your finances, it is time to give yourself peace-of-mind; Contact us and ask about our Debt Management Assistance program. No matter how big or small your situation may be, we're here to help.  

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