11-Month No-Penalty Certificate

No-risk earnings are a no brainer and now they come with no strings attached!

Smart savings with
no strings

  • No minimum deposit
  • No early withdrawal penalty
  • Guaranteed returns

Whether you're saving toward a goal or want to maintain flexibility for the unexpected, our 11-Month No-Penalty Certificate is the perfect option - with a guaranteed return. 

For a limited-time, open an: 

11-Month No-Penalty Certificate1

Term Minimum Balance Rate APY
11-Month No-Penalty Certificate $0.01 4.17% 4.25%

No penalty, no strings attached

Let the funds sit until your certificate reaches maturity or withdraw them early, the choice is yours! Either way, you'll receive the principle plus earned interest, with no penalty.

You're in good hands

General Electric Credit Union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Association (NCUA). Because of this, the NCUA insures your funds with the Credit Union up to $250,000 per accountholder and per account type. Not sure if your accounts fall under this umbrella? Use the NCUA share insurance estimator to determine if you're covered – or if there's a gap that needs to be addressed. 

If any of your funds fall outside of NCUA insurance, contact a GECU team member to discuss strategies to expand your coverage. 

Three easy ways to open a certificate

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